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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #55 - Lufia and the Rise of The Machines


Featuring Lufia 2 and The Terminator.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

for the wednesday update, a small breather update as the heat has turned up again.

When you had a SNES in the early and mid 90s and wanted to play RPGs, you would usually end up with a game from Squaresoft or Enix, mostly known by their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, or, if you lived in Japan, something from the Megami Tensei series. However, when you went through the top lists of that time you would occasionally stumble upon the work of a small development studio that would produce one or two works of high quality that could rival the work of the big three. One of these companies was Neverland Soft, which became mostly known for its entries in the Lufia and Rune Factory series. The second entry in the Lufia series, Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (1995), is the topic of today's entry.

This game contains a sorrow- and hopeful song called "The Prophet" which plays in the more bittersweet moments of the game which has a certain sequence of notes:

It may only be me, but when I hear this song for some reason I am reminded of the one of the main themes of the Terminator film series ( 1984 ) which feels like a slightly differently pronounced version of the music minus some notes in some parts:

Just a gut feeling this time...

Phil out

Edit: Ok, I will try to explain a little bit more. I think that both samples have a similar sound curvature. When I try to depict the sequences in Parsons code, I get the following result:

*UUDDDUUUDDUD   Terminator


It looks like the Lufia sequence is a subset of the Terminator sequence. If I had to describe the progression intuitively, it would be as follows:

Both songs start with a median note, then go towards a high note, then down towards a low note. Then it starts again with the median note, goes again towards a high note, then go slightly back down and then towards a very high note, finally going back down. The first section repeats. The main difference seems to be that Terminator uses additional notes to fill the gaps while Lufia uses long notes.

Update 14/05/2021: Woot, I have something better now:

John Neptune with Arakawa Band - "Genji" (1980)

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