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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #54 - That Smiling Face With A Humongous Sword


Featuring Final Fantasy VII and synth pop band "Camouflage".

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

again, it's Uematsu time. One could regard this as a follow up to the classics entry #7 which features a song from the german electro pop band "Kraftwerk". However, unlike Kraftwerk, I was not able to determine widespread knowledge of a similarity between the songs in this article by a quick search in Google and the Youtube comments. Thus, I have decided to make this a full entry instead of a classic one.

Again, we have a look at Final Fantasy 7 (1997), one of Uematsus more famous entries. The soundtrack has a short, eerie music called "Who are you" that usually plays when Cloud, the games protagonist, confronts a piece in the puzzle that makes up his past ( super-egos, Jenova etc. ):

In 1988, the Synth-pop band "Camouflage" released the song "That Similing Face" as part of their "Voices and Images" album which I think has a quite similar opening:

Since synth pop is suited to produce appropriate songs for the video game consoles back then, this is probably not the last we have heard from that area.

Phil Out

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