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What the hell happened to Respawn


Reddit was on fire earlier after a flame war kicked off between devs at Respawn and members of the gaming community over the Apex Legends. This was all based on the ridiculous loot box/paywall nonsense that Respawn tried to pimp in Iron Crown prior to retracting on Friday. Apparently, some of the devs didn't like being called out on the toxic loot box bullshit they tried to pull and ended up getting personal calling gamers asshats and freeloaders.

Protip: Never, EVER get personal.

I'd have to side with the gamers on this one. The loot box implementation in  Iron Crown was a disgrace and that's saying something considering some of the paywalls that are implemented in mobile games, just as an example. If you want to see how not to monetize a game, look no further than Iron Crown in Apex Legends. If Respawn truly thought their Iron Crown loot box implementation was just then why change it, why argue about it or the reaction to it on Reddit? Obviously it wasn't just, The loot boxes and paywalls was garbage as the players pointed out which is why it was changed. Respawn should have sucked it up and left it alone. They fucked up. Point blank.

Respawn knows their overlords are EA and EA is one of the absolute worse developers/publishers in the industry. This is NOT the press that Respawn needs when they're trying to push the longevity of Apex Legends. How's this for novelty? Release a full game for $60 that doesn't require a day one patch, DLC, season pass or loot boxes to actually get the full game. Not one employee at Respawn has the right to wish for the good old days of development when "gamers weren't asshats" when too many of today's developers almost never release a finished title at launch yet still charge $60 for it. Apex Legends is free to play but you know what, Warframe is free to play too and they actually avoided the vast majority of the loot box debacle (I still have mixed feelings on Relics though).

It's a shame really. I liked Titanfall and TitanFall 2 but the exclusivity of Titanfall and sucking on EA's nipple pretty much killed any chance I'll ever pay for their games. The Iron Crown debacle just makes it even worse.


- Bayonetta? She's in hell. Satan's favorite whore. Bwhahahahahaha

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