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(Smash Character Balancing Part 5)


First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I will list who is in each part. Feedback in the comments on each part thanks it does help knowing people actually read this gives me hope.

This has in order Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bowser and Bowser. Jr. This is longer cause I like all of these characters I think it’s the longest part so far but were halfway done.

I am making these changes based on the original Smash 4 characters that’s what this was originally for. In Ultimate and this is “My” opinion is they were just twiddling their thumbs all this time all they did is very minor changes like giving someone a combo throw, very small knockback increases or decreases changing the animation of an attack slightly adjusted but works exactly the same or Marth’s (Shield Breaker) can be angled now or Captain Falcon doesn’t squeeze their skull with both hands anymore with (Falcon Dive) for some unknown reason I mean really? I do not have any of the DLC characters I don’t like any of them so I had to fix them how I saw people use them. The only major changes they made were in the (Gameplay) section.

Anyway there are a bunch of characters that are bad or over powered but they seem to just be ignoring it or they just don’t know what to do, the (Gameplay) section fixed a lot of moves. I will fix specific moves here I know this game inside and out I should have a PHD in Smash Bros I am decent at using all of them or I wouldn’t be qualified to make these changes. Every single character has a fix of some kind I’m not doing them in any particular order I’m doing them by series the first group will be the ones that are alone and have nobody else from their games I want them to keep their Customs because that’s literally all they have. I will be posting 5 characters at a time sections can be 10 pages or over 20 pages long depending on how much I had to change. You can tell when a character is struggling or overpowered because you can feel your limitations or freedom while playing as them. They need to revamp some of them completely like look at what I did with Kirby when we get there it was so obvious the stuff he could do but his moves were basically half complete like they were rushed after all this time since Brawl they didn’t think of anything? Only Zero Suit Samus and Olimar got major changes from their transition from Brawl.

The primary goal of this section is to fix Special Moves there are so many characters that just cannot use their Special Moves at all like Jigglypuff and Palutena some don’t even do what they’re supposed to or like most characters just made up, that’s what makes them unique only they have those moves that makes them special the character themselves don’t exist without Special Moves. Using only Ground and Aerial Attacks can make them only 3 types a speedy combo character, regular balanced attacker or a hard hitter that’s it. Some characters have no business being in this game they just cannot exist the mechanics don’t allow it but I did my best to help them if they are too weak or over powered I had to fix them accordingly. I fixed everyone in terms of balancing but characters I liked I made new Custom Moves for so I am biased in that way those ones have extra moves.

I prefer casual free for alls with items but I do watch competitive 1 on 1 matches my favorite players are Boss, Kiraflax, Zage, Gimr and Leffen but he only plays Melee. I have an announcement to these people that hate the “slower” Smash Bros games play with 1.5 speed it looks just like Melee. Most of the players I liked watching were forced to quit like Boss or switch to a top tier because they’re tired of losing and I don’t blame them their characters were no match for the top 5 characters in the game that can K.O at basically 0% with elevator combos or something gruesome.

In order to make these fixes I had to look at both the casual and competitive sides to make the right changes some moves will be forever bad 1 on 1 because everyone is focusing on only you there’s no one else to interfere like Ground Pounds.

I made these fixes so each character can be the best they can be and evening the playing field for top tiers instead of only 10 to 15 that’s only like 20% of the roster. It's going to come down to who has the better move sets and statistics meaning matchups. The only way to have an even 50/50 balance is if you fight the same character your using there will always be matchup problems for close ranged and long ranged characters mid range characters should have the least problems since they can deal with both because of a versatile move set. There are a couple of characters that had so much potential but they didn’t give them most of their tools like all the abilities Kirby has or all the power ups Mario and Luigi could have used for example.

I will use these below to label how I changed something. The characters with the most issues will have the longest sections making them high priority or I made some new moves for them. Some characters like Duck Hunt only need a few fixes to make them much better overall. I did the best I could and I spent most of my time on this last section and it is over 120 pages long. There were some very difficult characters to fix because they shouldn’t be here the things they can and cannot do is just retarded.

These are the labels I will combine them with a “/” if they need a fix and a change of some kind. I said this earlier but remove all Custom Moves if it is a clone we don’t need a more powerful version of a K.O move or an even weaker combo move only keep Up Specials that go higher for better recovery or lower as an attack move.

(Fix) To describe a move that needs fixing they don’t have to be bad to fix but usually I can make good moves even better or moves with potential to be good by combining their customs into the original I found myself doing that a lot like literally almost every character. This is used the most.

(Remove) When a move is so bad or over powered it's beyond fixing or I have a replacement.

(New) When I come up with a move for that character which will usually be a character I like if I don’t like them enough I’m not qualified to make new moves for them my new moves would lack effort and be incomplete because I just don’t care enough. I see it myself like when I get to the 3rd Custom that move lacks or more like I lack the enthusiasm to complete it. I hate making up moves if they don’t have enough they just don’t have enough period which are usually the character’s that got in for no reason like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch their moves are just weird.

(Change) This is for changing a move completely to something better it’s usually a strong suggestion of a move from the actual game to replace a made up move, changing a moves direction input, name or a move I made to fill the hole after removing a move. I will also be using the specific moves name or I will use the type of move like (Neutral Specials) so you apply that fix to all of the moves meaning the default and customs under (Neutral Special).

(Gameplay) To assign Attack, Defense and rarely fix certain characters passive abilities or Speed. I use this on everyone but the Miis. I also describe what I fixed primarily and give my personal tier ranking from Bottom, Low, Mid High and Top Tier but I will try very hard to get everyone to at least Mid Tier.

This will be posted at the start of each part so nothing is confusing if you weren’t here by part 1.




Kirby is my 2nd favorite franchise probably number 1 now that the old Final Fantasy is gone Kirby games just continue to get better and better while remaining hard like Donkey Kong games do, Final Fantasy is just going downhill. This is my favorite character in Smash right now too I completed his halved moveset and is the only character I made entirely new full Held moveset for cause he’s my favorite. This character is small but he is one of the most dangerous characters ever made if you think about it, his stomach is a literal black hole he can just inhale erasing you and everything else from the universe just like that he’ll eat anything. His turn around animation looks very spooky if you do it repeatedly because it looks like a tribe dance, I actually do that with a lot of characters but his looks the best.

My favorite Kirby game is the “Amazing Mirror”. The level designs and the music of his games are really good I wish the original 02 Battle song was in this game I hate the rock and roll version it doesn’t have the bell which is the best part of the song but it is kinda long. My favorite abilities are Parasol because it has a lot of defensive moves, Ninja because it has range and really good mobility to avoid attacks and Leaf is a mixture of both of them to me. Hardest ability to master is probably Stone you have to predict attack patterns cause you have to be extremely close but not too close that you’ll take collision damage but if you do probably the strongest ability in the series it also has trouble if you have an aerial boss fight coming. Easiest is Bomb you can roll and arc these like no tomorrow nothing is out of range and deals decent damage but slow and no close ranged attacks.


Sakurai and his team missed so deliberately so blatantly so obviously on all the potential he could have had he has so many abilities but his normal move set is basically just the Fighter ability they did it with Mega Man why not Kirby? His Special Moves could have all been other abilities but they all suck 1 on 1. Kirby just was never Kirby in Smash and he doesn't eat or spit out stars like he's supposed to he doesn't even have his very useful slide. I’m revamping his normal attacks and adding Abilities as Special Moves he will be good. A lot of mechanics and moves in Kirby games are in Smash too I noticed.

Anyway now for the character’s weaknesses and strengths I need to fix he has difficulty being offensive because his horizontal air movement is terrible like King Dedede’s making approaching very difficult but they did increase his ground speed a bit the (Dash) change should help him leap into action literally and he has an over powered Down Aerial since it doesn’t launch at all like Jigglypuff’s or Fox’s you can drill into them to continuously spike. His Combo Throw should be fixed now but his Up Throw K.Os now which is not necessarily good since it can be used to land on platforms above why does it have to go so high if his jump height is so poor? He has a really good pummel and his crouch can avoid attacks. His only cons is poor movement to extend combos or escape, worst dash attack in the game and 1 on 1 his Special Moves are useless. This character is long but it was actually easy I just breezed through it the ideas and fixes just flowed out of me I was looking forward to fixing this character so I guess because I like him so much that’s what happens.


(Gameplay) Attack is 80% and Defense is 70% his air speed should be the same as Meta Knights they all have several jumps but he’s the only one that can string attacks by chasing in the air. He’s ranked so low but his normal moveset is extremely solid he’s a possible High Tier to me already now his Specials will actually work? He can make top 10. He’s in my rotation of characters probably lowest of the 10 I usually roll with all Kirby Characters I use. He also has no helpless falling.


(New)-(Shield Special)-(Ability Chooser) Allows him to pick which Special Move to use Neutral, Side and Down no Up Specials his recovery is already good that would be unfair. This can only be used after inhaling and copying an opponent so if you don’t have (Inhale) this cannot be used. Only replaces Neutral Special so if you choose a Side Special he would use it as a Neutral Special that’s the Special Move’s original input. This can be changed every 10 seconds this is a rare ability very few characters have Shield Specials.

(Fix)-(Up Throw) Does he have to jump that high? Make him do a shorter jump like R.O.B so he can’t abuse platforms this is already a K.O Throw Powerful just slow it down, remove all that height and can only land on the platform it was performed on.

(Change)-(Down Throw) This should be a Damage Throw dealing rapid damage up to 15% over 5 seconds before launching Medium.


(Ground Attacks)


(New/Change)-(Dash Attack) Slides while holding a Cutter blade in front to knock foes back Medium. This dash attack is probably the worst in the game I moved it to a Held Neutral.

(New/Change)-(Held Dash Attack) Give him back his Flame Dash Attack from Melee but allow it to multi hit Medium covers a decent amount of ground.

(New)-(Held Neutral) Make this his original Dash Attack but in place to knock foes back Medium and should work better as an anti aerial.

(New)-(Held Side) Does an uppercut with a large stone fist Strong.

(New)-(Held Up) Raises a vine of leaves in front to launch vertically Medium, since he already has the kick behind this can cover in front.

(Change/New)-(Tapped Down) Sweeps a broom in front of him to knock foes back Weak.

(New)-(Held Down) Slides across the floor like Megaman but has less range. Upon impact he bounces off of foes and shields like in the game Medium. He has to have this move it’s his only boss damaging attack with no abilities, air or shooting stars.


(Aerial Attacks)


(New)-(Tapped Neutral) Exhales a puff of air a short distance in front to knock foes back doesn’t go very far Medium/Weak. He has this in every traditional Kirby game why not in Smash?

(Fix/Change)-(Held Neutral) The spin should multi hit before launching and last half the time this is his most useless move because it is very punishable, lingers forever almost to the point you will die if using off stage and is weak only startup deals decent damage. I changed this to a held move since it last a long time.

(New)-(Held Front) Spins and does a roundhouse kick in front to launch Strong.

(Change)-(Back Aerials) Does his original Front Aerial behind Medium the original Back Aerial stays as a Held move Strong.

(New)-(Tapped Down) Does a dive kick diagonally downwards to bounce off of foes launching them diagonally Weak/Medium has a shockwave damage is based on distance.

(Fix/Change)-(Held Down) This should launch diagonally Medium like everybody else’s drill attacks so you can’t combo this into any move or repeatedly spike with it since it has no knock back and change it to held since it takes a long time.

(New)-(Held Up) Uses his feet to drill upwards multi hitting before launching Medium.


(Fix/Remove)-(Neutral Specials) This is his trademark move but why can’t he spit items as stars? Instead they just have him automatically swallow them for some reason this move could have had a bunch of uses but I’m not sure why they didn’t allow him to do what he always did even before he could copy abilities. For the customs 1 is over powered so much horizontal movement and you can easily bring them to the side Blast Zone for suicide K.Os and the other just freezes them if they are very close I guess it could combo into his (Hammer Flip) since it’s fire on ice but I would prefer different moves and it’s range is limited.

To fix (Inhale) he can use this for 3 seconds continuously increasing its range overtime before getting tired. You can either copy characters abilities by moving down on the ground with someone in your mouth or swallow all items heals explosives hurt. You can inhale up to 3 physical items and projectiles to be shot as stars based on the amount of items or damage from projectiles swallowed the larger, more powerful and slower the star is it can deal as low as 5% Weak and as much as 15% fully charged Medium and penetrates through foes. Spitting out characters is always large but fast dealing 10% damage before launching them out of the star Medium but has half the range.

If you have something in your mouth you should have super armor you’re slow since you’re fat at the moment and your movement is restricted. The bigger he gets the slower and more super armor he gets and opponents trying to break out of his mouth shouldn’t stop his movement anymore either break out like a grab, let him copy or shoot you. Now this is like a delayed reflect move with a healing and copy ability function. This move can now destroy most projectile characters except if they are Energy users don’t attempt this maybe on dual threats meaning Energy and Physical projectiles very short list though R.O.B, Samus, Mii Gunner and Robin if they throw their books and sword.


(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Laser Blast) Puts on a visor before shooting a laser that penetrates through foes deals 3% damage and bounces off of surfaces only 2 can be active at a time and can bounce off of surfaces up to 3 times. Doesn’t launch unless they are at high damage.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Wave Beam) Charges his wand for up to 3 seconds before shooting a magical orb forward charging increases its damage and size and can penetrate through foes Weak/Medium. It’s not a wave but that’s what the move is called it’s an orb of magic.

(Fix/Remove)-(Side Specials) I loved this move in Brawl now it sucks it used to be faster and could hit twice while airborne but now it’s slower and weaker than a Smash Attack uncharged but they allow it to be charged now which is good. It’s good in a free for all but 1 on 1 the charged version is very hard to hit with. For customs 1 is over powered and has super armor and a lot of range you basically can’t interrupt it the other is more like the brawl version but the launch angle won’t allow it to K.O it’s more vertical than diagonal and can be used with his multiple jumps to gain extra height off momentum. Remove them since I made new Side Specials.

To fix (Hammer Flip) it should act differently if used while grounded or in the air the airborne version I’m making it like it used to be in Brawl. The damage this deals is ridiculous the grounded version should do high shield damage and max at 25% damage Medium/Powerful it does more damage than most Final Smashes right now and can only begin charge on the ground King Dedede has the same move but this basically has the same or more power when he’s much weaker. If used while airborne don’t cancel his horizontal movement and this shouldn’t stall you while airborne the 1st swing is Medium the 2nd swing is Strong dealing more damage so use it early for the 2nd swing just like in Brawl but they can’t combo into each other so an air dodge or retreating read is required.


(New)-(Side Special)-(Bomb Throw) Aims before throwing a bomb in an arc in front and explodes on impact Medium but if the fuse blows it up itself it has a larger more powerful explosion Strong. If you shield you can drop the bomb and wait for the fuse to blow up only 1 bomb can be active at a time and the fuse last 5 seconds or airborne to drop it from above explodes on impact with foes or surfaces if not placed gently on the ground. If you use it like a Smash Attack you can roll the bomb across the ground but can only be used this way on the ground. Aim and time well and this move will work wonders has decent shield push but Kirby gets hit as well it’s a bomb.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Cutter Boomerang) Throws a yellow curved blade like a boomerang but vertically can be charged for up to 3 seconds and aimed diagonally in front bounces off foes Weak/Medium but if fully charged it penetrates through them and is twice as large and can bounce off of surfaces and can last a total of 5 seconds if you get it in a ping pong situation from wall to wall so it doesn’t last forever. Only travels half the distance of a form stage in front but can go over your head or under you to go further like in the game throw it the other way then dodge it for increased range but it follows you so you can change its trajectory when returning since it’s a boomerang. Only 1 can be active at a time.


(Fix)-(Up Specials) Where did this machete come from? This move is bad because it’s slower than brawl if trying to use it offensively can easily be blocked and the slash doesn’t go as far anymore, weaker and since the dive is forced it’s hard to recover horizontally. Both customs to me are an upgrade one has more range launching vertically, faster and can K.O while the other goes up really high and can be used as an aerial combo finisher for ceiling K.Os. Again made new ones so remove the current customs fixing the default.

To fix (Final Cutter) I’m fine with the Machete/Scimitar combo blade. Startup should be 25% faster like Ike’s (Aether) you should also be able to cancel the downward slash if you release the button slashing foes horizontally at the peak instead to knock foes back Medium. If you hold the button past the jump’s peak it will complete the entire move doing the downwards version which is Strong on landing so it has K.O potential can still spike at the start. Also allow this to be angled diagonally to jump diagonally and dive diagonally for more horizontal movement. When he hits the ground the slash projectile should have twice the range and has Medium knockback for some ranged pressure.


(New)-(Up Special)-(Parasol Jump) Should jump high into the air knocking foes away Medium before opening the Parasol floating downwards hanging on to it and you have high horizontal movement while floating but if you cancel it you can’t take it out again until you get hit, land or grab the ledge to avoid a (Peach Parasol) situation.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Fighter Uppercut) Does a rising uppercut that multi-hits before launching Strong on the ground Medium but while airborne cannot multi-hit.


(Fix/Remove)-(Down Specials) In a Free for All this is very good but 1 on 1 this is very punishable if spammed keep it secret use it rarely and it will come in handy, you’re defenseless if you miss but can break shields. He should only transform into Kirby items or statues of enemies from his games not a Thwomp from Mario they have no relationship at all other than being a Nintendo Exclusive franchise. I combined (Grounding Stone) with this and the other Custom (Meteor Stone) is over powered you can use it above a pit the entire attack can spike making it one of the easiest spikes in the game but at the cost of your life. You could also use it at the ledge if they re-grab it for an auto spike basically. Remove the Customs I made new ones and combined them with the default (Stone).

To fix (Stone) Startup should have Super Armor if used while airborne startup spikes Medium/Powerful based on distance traveled increases its damage so the higher you use It the more damage and it can bury grounded foes at peak strength and if used on the ground it should knock foes back diagonally Medium. Dunno about anyone else but this to me is a good out of shield option right now for horizontal knockback and shield push but weak.


(New)-(Down Special)-(Parasol Shield) Uses the Parasol ability as a shield to reflect projectiles and block attacks secondary shield. Startup can knock foes back Medium.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Spiky Needles) Uses the Needle ability to surround himself in needles knocking foes back that touch him Weak startup is Medium but can only be held for up to 3 seconds and the needles shrink overtime and when released cool down takes some time for an opening if they avoid this it has decent range surrounding him. You should have super armor only on startup so it can’t be interrupted as easily, it’s basically a manual Counterattack easier to use but weaker.


(New)-(Final Smash)-(Chef Kirby) Bring back his old Final Smash have it suck in all opponents within a radius into the pot stir and season while boiling them before launching out of the pot vertically Powerful.

(New)-(Final Smash)-(Hypernova) Why he doesn’t have a super inhaling Final Smash already I just don’t know that’s Kirby’s main ability but they used a sword combination instead with (Ultra Sword). Anyway Inhales in a large radius and distance all objects and characters has extremely strong gravitational pull for awhile before using all that air to exhale launching everything he inhaled back out Strong can hit other opponents that avoided this, full stage Final Smash.



<(Meta Knight)>


I’m not sure if he is a good or bad guy this is another “Triangle” situation he jumps on both sides though and he looks really cool. You need to prove yourself before he will lend a hand but how he helps is based on the situation if you’re struggling he’ll help you out if he doesn’t think you’re ready yet he’ll test you and he always fights fair you don’t have a sword for a sword fight? He gives you a sword whatever his methods he’s always looking out for you. One of my favorite characters to use he’s really close to being top 5 but people don’t use him a lot because they liked him over powered since his appearances dropped his ranking did as well but I think he’s still top 5 he can win tournaments. His Special Moves are not made up most are all from the Master ability from “Kirby and the Amazing Mirror” which would later be named the Galaxia his sword. He doesn’t exactly have any bad moves his only over powered move is his (Shuttle Loop) because of all of his jumps it’s a great aerial ceiling combo finisher. He is one of my top 5 characters to play as 4th.



He is the best Free for All character in the game all of his Special Moves except for Up Special covers a wide distance and can carry multiple foes in them and can all be used for recoveries. 1 on 1 his moves aren’t as good because everyone is focusing on only you but his normal move set is still really solid and he has multiple jumps he’s a great ledge guarder that Down Aerial is still good just short ranged for a sword almost dagger ranged but he swings it extremely fast. His (Drill Rush) should be able to force foes off stage by drilling their shield pushing them back continuously. (Mach Tornado) Is great for catching airborne opponents and can K.O if high enough. (Dimensional Cape) Is good for a sneak attack if you don’t spam use it rarely and they won’t expect it or just for movement/positioning push them to the ledge to swap positions if you use the attack hard to determine distance though. (Shuttle Loop) is really good because of all of his jumps it’s a great aerial ceiling combo finisher but to strong. Only setback he has is Helpless Falling really cripples him more than any other character in the game every Special Move he has causes it even though they already have cool down after using them. His Customs are fine I’m going to leave them alone their not bad I only like the Down Special Customs though his defaults are more versatile.

He has very few changes all of his moves are perfect one of the best move sets I’ve seen but not over powered. For his alternates I would like to see Blade Knight, Sword Knight and Galacta Knight. He’s pretty much an older Kirby he has arms unlike Kirby and can talk just how long do they live and takes to develop? I’ve never seen him inhale anything though maybe that’s a “Unique” ability or just cause he wears a mask.


(Gameplay) Attack is 70% and Defense is 80% he’s more of a combo character than Kirby so he’s a little weaker and he has armor so he has more defense. Extremely solid character and he got even better should be top 10 borderline Top 5. His Special Moves are some of the best in the game they all have mobility so can be used to recover plus he’s the best Free For All character. Only thing is Helpless Falling killed this character every Special Move he has causes it. He mostly got buffs.


(Change)-(Down Throw) Changing this into a Damage Throw rapidly stepping on them dealing up to 15% damage before launching Medium.

(Fix)-(Up Throw) Same change as Kirby’s just do a suplex don’t fly off screen Powerful.

(Fix)-(Up Aerial Attack) This can carry foes all the way upwards so he can use an Up Special on them for an easy 30% elevator K.O. My DI and Knockback changes should fix this but just in case depending where the opponent is hit it should knock them in that direction so it’s harder to juggle them.


(Fix)-(Mach Tornado) This should launch vertically Medium 25% less cool down and shouldn’t bounce off of ledges anymore let him grab it for once.


(Fix)-(Drill Rush) If used on a shield it should repeatedly push them back since it’s a drill and the final hit should bounce him off like it does when hitting opponents instead of leaving him exposed.


(Fix)-(Shuttle Loop) Knockback in the air should be Medium grounded should be Strong and only hits once so they don’t have to be in front or above the whole loop hits now so much more reliable and can be used defensively.



<(King Dedede)>


I don’t agree with him being labeled villain same applies to Whispy Woods. He’s not evil just greedy but he knows what’s right he tries to warn and stop Kirby from making things worse but it’s hard to talk to people that don’t understand you and Kirby’s so curious most times it’s Kirby’s fault for helping a real villain. I love his theme song and he always looks so happy.



As I was making fixes for him I learned how to use him very well and he is one of my favorite characters to play as but only half his Special Moves are good his normal move set is great he just lacks horizontal movement plus he’s a large character hard to get close and hard to fight projectile users but my fixes for his (Inhale) could fix that. I don’t know if large characters can be good in this type of game they are easy to combo because they are so big you can play ping pong with them in a free for all very easily 1 on 1 isn’t much better if they can keep the pressure on and ledge guard. I don’t think any of my changes weakened him he should be better where he is ranked I’m not sure.


(Gameplay) Attack is 130%, Defense is 140% and increase his horizontal speed by 25% it’s so hard for him to move right now. He’s ranked bottom 10 for some reason he’s probably around my 7th best character Mid to High Tier for my playstyle. Defensively it’s probably because his mobility is terrible moving through the air is so slow and he’s a big target easily ledge guarded and spiked. Offensively is hard to use Special Moves and a terrible Up Ground Attack. He needs that extra speed more than anything, that headbutt to actually have range and Special Move improvements.


(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) the 1st and 2nd hits suck opponents in and can be spammed to juggle them repeatedly. Once you do the 2nd hit force the rapid jab finisher so he can’t cancel it to continue juggling you and increase time before you can use a different move.

(Fix)-(Up Ground Attack) Increase range to a headbutt Up Smash and allow it to hit behind him easier and launch upwards behind Strong diagonally at a low angle in front Medium. It’s like Pac-Man’s extremely weak even though he gets his back into it.

(Fix)-(Dash Attack) Give him Super Armor on startup great move but can be interrupted.


(Fix)-(Neutral Specials) They are just bad clones remove the customs. To fix (Inhale) Make this just like Kirby’s but obviously don’t allow him to copy abilities and it has twice the projectile damage Medium, his star is always large, has more inhale range, super armor and can swallow 6 items. Again a delayed reflect move cannot copy but stronger.


(Fix)-(Up Specials) These aren’t exactly different 1 is just a faster version and 1 deals damage on the way up I’m not sure why the default doesn’t do that now probably them trying to sneak more cloned moves in instead of combining them to complete a move.


To fix (Super Dedede Jump) Allow startup to have super armor and be able to launch foes upwards so he can hit them while falling downwards but when he first starts it should spike Strong landing is also Strong launching diagonally and can break shields. To cancel the downwards version release the button but if you hold onto it until the peak of the jump he will automatically do the downwards version.


(Fix)-(Side Specials) This is a good move but can be used against him so easily and he cannot react since his moves are slow the weakest attack can deflect this right now no matter how much momentum it had. He should be able to grab, throw or put it away again. Remove the customs they are bad and 1 is just annoying bouncing back and forth controlling space.


To fix (Gordo Throw) Based on the momentum of the Gordo should increase or decrease its damage so he can’t just bounce it in front of him and still do max damage you have to throw or hit it forward for more damage. While he has ownership or not allow him to hit his Gordo anytime so he doesn't need to wait for his foe to hit it first and he should be able to catch it to put away or toss his Gordo again at anytime by holding Side Special when near it so he can prevent it from hitting him because his moves are slow. Based on the force of the attack that knocked the (Gordo) you have to match to block or deal even more to deflect otherwise it ignores your attack and hits you. Also the Gordo cannot be deflected by projectiles.

Now if you toss it right in front of you, you could charge a forward smash to send it forward at a high speed or a different attack to change its trajectory the more force the more power and speed it has and harder to deflect. This has potential to be one of the most versatile projectiles in the game now.


(Fix)-(Down Specials) I’m combining 1 into the default so remove the customs 1 is basically a dash attack the other basically makes you invincible while charging. To fix (Jet Hammer) this can be charged while airborne and can deal 20% to 40% damage Strong/Devastating. Startup should have Super Armor so his swing can’t be interrupted since it’s slower than Kirby’s but not while charging. The swing is different if used while airborne or grounded on the ground he does a spin attack to hit on both sides but in front deals more damage while airborne he slams his hammer downwards in front to spike but weaker.





Other than Kirby in Smash this is my 2nd favorite character and my favorite animal is a Turtle but he is a combination of Turtle and Dragon but mostly Turtle. I’ve had the same plush Bowser since I was 8 he was my first favorite video game character since my experience with Pac-Man wasn’t so great…I don’t know when he is going to get his own actual game because the game he does have you play as the plumbers for half the time if not more Toad got a game before him why? It’s not fair he’s a minor character Bowser is a main.

The King of the Mushroom Kingdom another one that Isn’t a villain he’s in his own way a Hero in some games too I don’t think he’s ever killed anyone he’s got a big heart he would terrorize in 1 point of view the other is the opposite he is saving them. He’s been pushed to the brink of death many times but he always survives somehow. Think of it as a Triangle Bowser’s on 1 side, Peach on the other Mario is in the middle interfering I’ll get into him when we get there. Bowser is not evil just like King Dedede but he just wants to save his wife but Mario is always in the way. This is how I see it, I believe Mario is keeping the entire kingdom held hostage so Bowser rescues Peach countless times and tries to get rid of him which is why she spends more time in another castle again I’ll get into him and her later. All of his family members and minions are being murdered by Mario daily no wonder he’s upset all the time. How does he keep losing though? It’s setup if he gets a hold of him there’s no escape, his flames aren’t that weak he’s shown much stronger flames before and he cannot jump on him with that spiky shell he cannot just homing on his head. Mario shouldn’t even get close unless he allows him to his attacks are weak they would tickle him and he can block that hammer easily.

In terms of his minions they can’t really do anything because Mario seems to have unlimited lives and all Mario games are very easy I only like the 3D ones but you still can just speed run levels if you have no fear the enemies aren’t very difficult to get by you usually don’t even have to fight them at all they just don’t have a strategy most times they aren’t coordinated.



This is his best incarnation in Smash he’s the heaviest and has the best speed of all of the large characters so he’s hands down the best one and a great normal move set but pretty much all of his Special Moves are useless 1 on 1 without a read but he can deal with Counterattacks really well with (Flying Slam). He should still be around top 15 with my (Gameplay) changes, fixes and new moves since he is one of my favorites but I only made Special Moves. For his tapped and held instead of punches and kicks give him more slashing attacks he does have claws and use some of his fire and his spiky shell. He’s going to have some extremely defensive Special Moves they’re better than you may think and he can use the Fire element.

To fix him this is what I’m going to do. They missed potential for his Special Moves he is King Koopa they don’t use his turtle abilities much and he doesn’t use any of his minions at all. I am giving him new Special Moves that use both his minions and turtle abilities most of the moves are still going to be his default turtle and dragon moves though. For Bowser Jr I’m going to allow him to use tools like Hammers, Bomb-ombs and Bullet Bills that’s why Bowser won’t be getting any moves based on those types of minions he already has a Clown Kart that has many contraptions including a cannon already. Most are gonna be from his half game Bowser’s Inside Story. Bowser’s only normal move fixes are his Neutral Aerial, Down and Up Throw are now Damage Throws his others are already K.O Throws. Everything else is fixing current Special Moves and making new ones. I could have done better with his minions but I focused more on his abilities and I’m keeping a cap at 3 Specials for each direction.


(Fix)-(Gameplay) Attack is 130% and Defense is 150%. Alright this is my secondary he used to be the best character in the game before this game got so defensive when people realized how broken shields were. He’s really fast, has the highest Defense and one of the most powerful characters in the game his moves aren’t that slow but he’s still a large character the best one of them still. He’s really good in any game mode just don’t fish for shield breaks and his (Fire Breath) has extremely low priority do not use it if you do be unpredictable. He is High Tier if you know how to use him but large characters have a ceiling tier wise because they are hard hitters not many combos or strings available for them you have to win numerous engagements before connecting that decisive blow. He’s not a character like Ganondorf that has even more power but can auto cancel aerials so safe to throw attacks out with him I'll get to him later. Also Turtles being slow is a myth when they turn it on they’re really fast but comparing them to rabbits isn’t fair he’s on the upper half for speed among all characters probably top 10.

(Remove)-(Passive Ability) Remove the ability he has to not flinch at low damage % he takes unnecessary damage because of it plus it has hit freeze he can just run into rapid jabs and takes 25% by the time he reaches them he starts flinching allowing them to be extended.


(Fix/Change)-(Side Smash)-(Held Dash Attack) This move is O.P. It deals high damage, comes out really fast has tremendous range and can K.O at 40% fully charged. Please change this to a Held Dash Attack and weaken it to Strong knockback it’s a dropkick makes more sense. Right now I don’t know what to say it’s just ridiculously strong.

(Change)-(Side Smash) Change this to a standard charged punch windup is like in Bowser’s Inside Story, Strong/Powerful.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) This move is weird it doesn’t connect properly but can deal close to 25% if all hits connect which is hard to do because it only hits with his limbs making it very hard to connect all 4 hits because his own body doesn’t have a hit box it should have just been a simple multi-hitting cart wheel. Right now you want to avoid getting close and only let his legs and arms hit any closer and the attack will fail because his body doesn’t have a hit box and only the top left of this move hits reliably why? To fix his limbs should suck opponents inside and his torso multi hits dealing the most damage Medium but decrease the damage to about 15% if all hits connect it does too much right now.

(Fix)-(Down Throw) This should be a single hit Damage Throw deals 15%.

(Fix)-(Up Throw) This should be a multi hit Damage Throw deals up to 15%.

(Fix)-(Front and Back Throw) They both should be Strong K.O Throws.


(Fix/Remove)-(Neutral Specials) I combined his (Fire Roar) into (Fire Breath) and upgraded (Fire Shot) I also made a new Neutral Special in (Chain Chomp) so remove (Fire Roar).

(Fix)-(Fire Breath) This is easily avoided and punished because of its short range and startup time there’s never really a situation this is good for because of the short range and lack of damage but it can be used to ledge guard for 2 or 3 decades to be annoying since the flame never dies out. You also fall out of it easily the only time this actually connects properly Is if they jump on top of the flames. This should ONLY be used on explosives right now it’s just not worth it any other option does more damage and much more reliable than this will ever do right now.

To fix the start of the move should have a blast of flames from his mouth to launch foes in his face Medium/Weak setting them on fire for 5 to 1 seconds. The flames itself should have 75% the range of a form stage fully charged which is further than his (Fire Roar) custom shrinking over time but it doesn’t cause flinching or sets them on fire unless they are within 50% of its range each hit can stack up to 5 seconds. When fully charged it last 5 seconds dealing 3 to 1% damage based on charge and distance from the flames before he starts coughing smoke so no more little flames and based on charge the blast of flames are also weaker. Don’t allow him to aim this downwards instead reverse this and let him aim this the same range upwards so he can’t camp at the ledge and be used against foes approaching from the air. This should also do increased shield damage but can only recharge overtime while on the ground. It can set the ground on fire as well for a brief time to deal damage to anyone standing over it.

Now it can be used as an anti aerial so they can't just jump over the flames because it has more range upwards since they are flames it can burn opponents and can break shields so they won’t approach him as carelessly as before. Since it has so much more range I kept the startup time to compensate but at close range it does have a blast of fire that causes maximum fire damage and can launch like Charizard’s (Fire Fang) when released but weaker. This is the best way if it still doesn’t work right this move just can’t exist I did everything I could to improve it, its range and damage has pretty much doubled I had to keep it true to it’s name a stream of flames or I would have destroyed the original move. Free for Alls should be easy to use but 1 on 1? Probably have to go for the fire blast or use the flames for chip damage by burning them and eat away at their shields probably 1 more scenario this is good at is stopping horizontal recoveries with all that range.


(Fix)-(Fire Shot) This is good because it’s a projectile so he can deal with other projectile users but it’s too weak right now. The flames barely do anything it’s only good off stage to mess with their recovery but has bad accuracy and doesn’t exactly launch just pushes them back for the most part. I think changing this into a single charged shot would be better it’s called (Fire Shot) not rapid fire balls. To fix allow him to charge igniting flames in his mouth for up to 3 seconds to increase the size and cannot aim this anymore before exhaling a fire ball penetrating through foes Weak/Medium sets foes on fire for 1 to 3 seconds based on charge.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Chain Chomp) Bowser swings a Chain Chomp around himself and the longer you hold it the further and higher he throws it in an arc for up to 3 seconds. It bounces twice on the ground but can only bite foes it directly hits before touching the ground if it bounces off a wall it’s still in play to bite. Upon impact with a foe it bites them to launch Strong if it bounces across the ground it’s Medium no bite. This can be used to help him approach since he has a projectile in front of him or ledge guard good accuracy can make this a ledge guard finisher. This is basically his Chomp weapon from Super Mario RPG Legend of the seven stars direct hits offstage are deadly.


(Fix/Remove)-(Side Specials) I made 2 new Side Specials so remove the customs and I will fix (Flying Slam).

(Fix)-(Flying Slam) I don’t remember him ever being a wrestler but okay this move actually suits him actually but Aerial Grabs just feel odd I usually miss but they did increase its grab range but it's still slow but a great defense to Counterattacks. Look first of all grabbing airborne opponents they have to be in the perfect position diagonally below you and regular grabs always beat this out. First of all the grab itself should act like a normal grab on the ground so you can perform a Dash Grab and make it as fast as normal grabs it’s slower and can be beat out right now. Startup should have Super Armor if you miss increase cooldown to be fair and increase it’s horizontal range by 25% and vertical range to be the same height as he is so you can actually grab them in the air consistently. Regular grabs should clash with this to cancel each other out. Alright back to the actual move

Since you can now break out of Throws and Special Throws you can’t K.O with this as early on landing and the bottom blast zone is even harder to suicide K.O with. When broken out of this grab releases both of you diagonally upwards and the grab itself should deal 5% damage so if you don’t hit the ground or the pit it does some type of damage. This should K.O the opponent first now since it can be broken out of.


(Change/Fix/New)-(Dash Slash)-(Sliding Punch) He already had a move they didn’t have to clone this. Change it into a sliding punch penetrates through foes he slides half the distance of a form stage loses power the longer the slide Strong/Weak if airborne it’s a diagonal punch like a dive kick creates a shockwave on landing Medium throughout startup spikes diagonally. Use it as an extended Dash Attack or dive kick if airborne. The original move should be fixed now it’s more like Little Mac’s (Straight Lunge) but unchargeable and should help him land.

Now for the reason the original move was overpowered is because this could be used to slide across the stage if you use this airborne because it auto cancels allowing him to use any attack he wants like a Side Smash. It also prevents him from using this if his momentum is going the opposite direction. I think that’s because he could use it to cancel the momentum you get after launched. All of the issues like most moves only apply while airborne this literally is a wave dash right now. If they keep this move remove the auto cancel when airborne and it should be fine.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Spike Ball Launch) Curls into a ball and rolls in place like Sonic’s (Spin Dash) and leaps a long distance and bounces off of foes and shields on impact blocks projectiles and has super armor Medium/Powerful. Based on Shy Guy Squad from Bowser’s Inside Story you can pop out early by clicking special so you don’t fall off stage can be used for horizontal recovery if above the stage it’s sort of a leap not a direct dash so it gains some height like Mii Swordfighter”s (Airborne Assault).


(Fix/Remove)-(Up Specials) I fixed the default and made new ones that aren’t made up so remove the customs.

(Fix)-(Whirling Fortress) This is not a bad move on the ground but in the air yes. The attack on this is extremely weak when airborne and he can be punished just for hitting with this since they fall out so easily and has no finisher to launch it only launches on startup. If used on the ground it’s a good moving spin attack but shields ruin this and has weak knockback.

To fix instead of tapping hold the button to extend the amount of time to increase height if used airborne and time spinning on the ground so you can’t glitch it like Luigi’s (Luigi Cyclone) if you have lightning fast fingers. At the end he should pop out of his shell like his Up Throw to launch foes Medium in the air knocks foes away diagonally Strong on the ground multi-hitting before launching vertically. If you use this on the ground it should be able to reflect while in the air if you tap it gains horizontal movement instead of height if you hold he gains height but less horizontal so both customs are in 1 move now.

Now since he pops out will help his reach and allow him to defend himself while recovering high instead of being stuck in his shell with helpless falling, Tap or hold for distance or height in the air knocking foes away while the grounded version can now K.O.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Koopa Slam) Goes on all 4s then leaps upwards shell has super armor launching opponents with his shell vertically Strong and then does a body slam on the way down if held all the way through Strong/Powerful based on distance start spikes Strong. Should work like King Dedede’s (Super Dedede Jump).

(New)-(Up Special)-(Rising Inferno) Should act like Charizard’s (Fly) but does a wicked spin in his shell surrounding him in flames multi-hits on the ground launching vertically Strong in the air Medium can be angled diagonally slightly before he pops out to launch does not set foes on fire. Now he has a K.O Up Special should be a good anti aerial.


(Fix/Remove)-(Down Specials) I made new ones so remove the Customs one uses wind with a very wide range to be very annoying the other just trips you which I don’t understand it’s use.

(Fix)-(Bowser Bomb) I really don’t like how over powered this move is. It can K.O around 80% and it breaks shields in 1 hit allowing him to use his Forward Smash which K.Os around 40% fully charged.

To fix the hit with his horns when he jumps should launch diagonally Strong and have increased shield push so it can’t combo into the ground pound and it can be cancelled if you don’t hold the button down so it’s just a leaping headbutt good anti aerial. The ground pound spikes at the start to prevent top blast zone K.Os if used from high up Strong and gains power based on distance traveled Medium/Powerful and at full charge should only then break shields in 1 hit so use it from higher up to increase damage and shield damage while grounded is a rising uppercut. Also change the launch angle diagonally so you can survive longer.

Now he can’t combo into it and cannot break shields as easily to connect with the ground pound to break shields he has to do it from high up to deal the most damage but obvious to avoid 1 on 1.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Spike Ball) Goes into Spike Ball form from Bowser’s Inside Story to absorb damage and knock foes away he bumps into Medium. He has super armor during but Strong or higher knockback will knock him out of this form but he takes 75% less damage and launched half the distance. If you can get close enough you can pop out to launch opponents nearby which is Medium. Mostly used for defense whether if you are trying to land, lessen damage taken when surrounded or get in their face if they spam projectiles your shell absorbs most of the damage and halves your launch distance when knocked out. You can be grabbed out of this though if you let them get close enough or just roll over to them obviously enough for a free grab.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Goomba) Points forward to send a Goomba forward to chase foes launching them Medium and can do a head butt randomly for Strong knock back. They can be defeated they have 20% health and cannot be used for 10 seconds after defeated stomping on their head only deals 5% damage but stops them so you have to do it 4 times they can be launched but can recover on stage. A Smash Attack should take them down but use them as a diversion to get close but you can damage your own Goomba.


(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Giga Bowser) One of the worst Final Smashes. This does not last that long at all and in free for all this is very bad to use because he will take a massive amount of damage once he is finished. If not they can easily run away from him his attacks lack a lot of range even though he’s so big and it only last about 10 seconds. He’s just too big some stages you can get stuck while transformed like Temple.

To fix allow it to last 15 seconds taking damage shortens the amount of time transformed instead of taking damage. 5% = 1 second and when hit he gets pushed back the stronger the attack he is hit by the further he is pushed back. Also it is very hard to hit foes while using this so could you increase the hit box sizes? He also has multiple new elements while transformed so he gets an automatic buff from that alone. When his transformation time is up release a shockwave to knock foes back Medium and push shields so he isn’t open to a fully charged smash attack. This is just going to be bad I did the best I could I rather just a normal transformation your best bet is to spam Smash Attacks while transformed Down and Up Smashes are best but do not go off stage. That’s my fix I’m gonna give him a new default though Giga Bowser is a Smash Bros original move as a boss not a move he used in any of his games before Melee I don’t think.

(New)-(Final Smash)-(Fury) After taking all that damage he becomes extremely angry pulsing red and steaming hot doubling his Attack and Speed ignores all attacks with super armor and damage received is halved he is unlaunchable in this state for 15 seconds. Taking damage does decrease time transformed though 5% = 1 second a simple easier to use Transformation Final Smash I would replace the default with this.

(New)-(Final Smash)-(Ultimate Inferno Breath) Releases a long ranged wide stream of flames for up to 5 seconds multi hitting while carrying them off stage before biting to create an explosion Medium. Sets them on fire for the maximum amount of time, eats shields and leaves surfaces on fire for 5 seconds afterwards. I had to give him some that would actually work this can literally cover the screen with flames reducing everything to ash.

(New)-(Final Smash)-(Bowser’s Minions) Roars to call his minions onto the Battlefield should include Goombas, Koopa, Hammer Bros, Kameks and Boos. Like in the games they are not coordinated there will be friendly fire should be very chaotic to avoid them taking each other out or getting in the way of their attacks.



<(Bowser Jr.)>


Never would of thought I would see this character here people say he’s bad I don’t think so they place him in the bottom 5 just because he doesn’t get used doesn’t make him bad his normal move set is as solid as it gets he doesn’t have a spike either he can be top 15. These are his adopted children they all have Bowser’s dragon turtle attributes so they are a special breed of Koopa but Jr has the closest resemblance. The future Heros of the Mushroom Kingdom in training, since they are relatives but not sure to what degree I made a full Special Moveset except Final Smashes for them as well using weapons and mechanical type minions.



Special Moves are fine in a Free for all but 1 on 1 they are terrible except for his (Mechakoopa). Like I said with Bowser I’m giving him minions that are used as weapons and tools I did allow them to use some of their magic spells since each Koopaling had a spell but I have a cap on 3 Specials each direction. For his tapped and held moves they seem to like the fork, boxing gloves and hammer so use the boxing gloves for Weak attacks fork for Medium attacks and hammer for Strong attacks. Their Up Specials are fine so I’ll leave them alone but I have to allow him to get his kart back it’s really easy to gimp him every other Special Move I’m replacing with a new one.


(Gameplay) Attack is 110% and Defense is 120% outside the clown kart their defense drops to 90%. Really don’t understand why he’s ranked so low he has half helpless falling he has 1 attack but cannot jump, half his Special Moves are really good, his normal attacks are above average and easy to play. He’s High Tier to me and I mostly buffed him he has lots of new moves too but wasn’t sure what Final Smashes he could use maybe an airstrike from his airship? Or something from Super Mario Galaxy? His fire hasn’t developed enough yet and most his attacks are not physical he uses tools and gadgets from his Clown Kart primarily.


(Fix)-(Down Ground Attack) This is just a wagging tongue deals low damage and knockback really only good for spot dodges. I would change it to an upwards lick to launch Medium so it’s at least effective at getting them off stage.


(Fix)-(Abandon Ship and Meteor Ejection) This should automatically give him his kart back after hit it’s basically like R.O.B’s (Robo Rocket) is now but only when hit by a Weak attack. I’ve seen people literally just hit him with a down ground attack to poke him away from the ledge not allowing him to use it again or just a simple ledge guard. To fix if you flinch give him his Clown Kart back so he can use his Up Special again like everyone else and while ejected allow him to use his hammer in any direction instead of just what looks like a held Neutral Aerial so he can attack above and below. Decrease the hammer’s knockback to Strong.


(Fix/Remove)-(Neutral Specials) The default needs faster startup for the customs 1 is over powered because it’s literally wind probably the most powerful wind effect in the game you know what will happen to recoveries by now and the other just penetrates through foes instead of a single hard hit. I made new ones so remove the customs I’ll fix the default.


(Fix)-(Clown Cannon) It's slow and easily blocked or avoided. To fix make startup 50% faster by removing the spin animation it takes too long to start the charge or let alone shoot it and allow it to block and go through other projectiles since it's a heavy cannonball.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Bullet Bill) Charges a bullet bill in the cannon that homing on foes charging increases its speed and power Weak/Strong and explodes on impact last 5 seconds no matter the charge before exploding. At full charge it’s too fast to homing it just goes straight and the explosion is twice as large.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Magical Ball) Aims his cannon upwards that can be charged before shooting a ball out in an arc that bounces across the stage based on charge the larger and higher it will bounce but if it hits a foe before it bounces it has increased knockback Medium/Strong after it bounces it is Weak/Medium. The ball bounces off of foes and walls but can be deflected back at you but pops after taking 10% to 20% damage based on charge and last up 5 seconds no matter the charge.


(Fix/Remove)-(Side Specials) The default is basically a more powerful (Spin Dash) the customs just bury or multi hit before launching it’s still the same move. I’m fixing (Clown Kart Dash) and remove the customs I made new ones.

(Fix)-(Clown Kart Dash) On impact this should launch Medium/Strong based on distance traveled and it should not combo into another attack if you jump this is literally (Spin Dash) right now. Change launch angle to vertically and he keeps his momentum to guarantee he can’t follow up with an attack. If he uses this airborne they shouldn’t take away his double jump. If you want a harder hit do the drift attack Strong to slow down at least he couldn’t auto cancel this and turn like you could with (Spin Dash). Use this as a battering ram on the ground and horizontal movement in the air.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Homing Flame) Sits in front of his Clown Kart and charges flames in their mouth for up to 3 seconds before shooting a flame that penetrates through and homing on foes Weak/Medium. It can only hit 1 foe before it starts homing on the next within a radius if there isn’t another it just soars past them last 5 seconds no matter the charge before bursting. Charging increases its size, speed and power which makes it harder to homing on foes but harder to avoid and based on which Koopaling you are using the color changes. Based on charge also sets them on fire for 1 to 5 seconds.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Hammer Whack) Clown Kart slams a larger hammer in front to bury foes and can spike while airborne but has extra cool down Strong.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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