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Story Time Pt. 2: Revenge of the Jedy


Home is where the heart is. My heart is somewhere in between my small intestine and my left eye. I guess I live there now. I learned this in anatomy class on the 47th day of school. Mom woke me up by cracking my neck with stale toast. Time for day 48. I fall down the stairs to get my breakfast. I stayed up for 97.437 hours straight playing Perestroika for the Nintendo DOS. The TV died due to the slimy juice of my eyes pouring from the antenas.

It is time for school. I walk to school with my best friend Willy. I stay 30 ft behind him and out of sight at all times. Its mandatory. As we cross the freeway to get to school, Willy is hit by one of those three wheeled motorcycles. The look of horror is smeared on his face as his leg flys into my readily open backpack. I close it fast and tell him I will see him In Gym class. As I arrive to my home room, Sister 4 looks at me with surprise. She forgot to take some of my hair this morning so I loan her some for Automotive 101.

It's finally time for lunch! I take out my sack made of chicken skin. I can't wait to find out what mother 2 packed for my meal. I reach my had inside and I am pleasantly surprised by a deep pain in my finger. I pull out a banana with a rusty gillette razor blade taped to it! Wow! There is always a prize inside! Last time, brother 2 left me the sponge he used to flog grandma 3. As Lunch is consumed my bully strangles me in the bathroom.

Time for Gym. Willy was airlifted to school. He lays cold and silent in the middle of the gym floor. I am still 30 ft away from him and out of sight. Basketball is fun. The coach has 3 of them and way more hair than any of us combined. As I get off the school bus, the front door is broken off the hinge and laying in the yard. Mom 1 must be cleaning again. I sprint up to my room and lock my door before sister 3 can catch me with the car battery. I turn on Perestroika, for my Sega DOS. I fill my lukewarm Willy leg. Its sticky. I can't wait for Perestroika 2.


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