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How Red Dead 2's open world made me cry


Red Dead 2 made me cry last night, not as a moment in the story, but as an immersive moment between story beats in the open world.

After a particularly depressing mission at the beginning of chapter 6, I ventured to a nearby river to take a break from the story and do some chill fishing.  After catching a few smaller fish, he gets a big one on the line.  As he pulls it out of the water with a truly delighted-sounding vocal line: "Haha, wow!"

This small moment of delightful wonder amidst the hopelessness and depression was enough to make me cry, the immediate joy of Arthur was so pure in this small moment, that for a second he forgets about the impending doom around him, and he is truly happy. This is the most immersive video game moment I may have ever created for myself.

Arthur admires the fish for a precious few moments, before deciding to toss it back into the river.


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