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Daredevil Season 3


After the abysmal second season of Jessica Jones, the ridicolous Iron Fist 2 and the sadly bad ended Luke Cage 2, I pretty much lost all hope for the Marvel-Netflix-Disney-whatever productions. Going into the third season of Daredevil, I expected to be disappointed once again, but thank the almighty screenwriters, it was not so.

The show starts after the events of The Defenders. Surprisingly, Daredevil survived being crushed under an entire skyscraper, but not without serious injuries. Almost paralyzed by a spinal hit and having lost hearing in one of his ears, Matt Murdock is in a bad shape. Not to mention that he also lost his faith, no longer believing that God has anything to do with his self imposed mission of protecting people. Matt decides to leave all his friends behind, to end his regular life and become purely the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. And that's when Wilson Fisk gets out of prison, moved to a lavish penthouse, by the FBI.

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page tries to put the Kingpin back behind bars, using legal moves, while Daredevil vows to end the problem, in a rather more permanent way. The show adds two FBI agents into the mix, the financially troubled family man, Ray Nadeem and the mentally very unstable marksman, Benjamin „Dex” Pointdexter (not my go to name, when it comes to.. you'll see). This season is also serves as an introduction to a well known villain, who usally never misses his shots.

The returning cast does what you expect, so I don't want to spend too much of your time praising them. Charlie Cox is Daredevil and he should never be replaced, even if the character gets to the big screen Marvel movies (it never will). Vincent D'Onofrio, based on body alone, might not be my ideal choice for Wilson Fisk, but his face, his speech, his mannerisms are perfect. Fisk is a much better villain this time around and D'Onofrio is a truly menacing presence on the screen.

For a long time I was against the hard focus on Nadeem's personal life, but by the end, everything will fall into place and I found myself actually liking the character, no small thanks to the stellar acting on Jay Ali's part. But most actors are outplayed by Wilson Bethel, who breathes life into Pointdexter's character. He manages to portray an utterly crazy person, who does unimaginably horrible things to people, yet remains worthy of our pity. Pointdexter has a mental problem, a medical one and his life could have turned out very differently. A horrible murderer whose actions I condemned, but wanted help for this poor soul as well. Being able to pull of a character like this, is something I call good acting!

The only problem I had is the extra background on Karen Page. I mean, if you want to explore her character, do a spin-off mini-series about her and lets see how many people will watch that. I reckon only a few, for a reason. Deborah Ann Woll is over 30, so it was a tad bit funny seeing her playing a 20 year old, but that was the only enjoyment I had from the adventures of drug dealing drug addict Miss Page, who had a very bad life from an early age. Okay, okay, I should relax, its not a big thing, but I felt that this story was a waste of my time and stopped the otherwise excellent flow of the season.

Overall, Daredevil season 3 is well worth the time you can spend with it. Exciting, interesting, perfectly made for your binge watching needs. A return to form for the Netflix-Marvel series. This is how it should be done and hopefully this can become the new norm for the future (make Heroes for Hire already!).

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