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Who let the Doctor out?


The first time I met the Doctor Who series was when the adventures of the 9th Doctor were translated and they started their run on some chanel I actually was able to watch. I saw some scenes and half episodes and to be brutaly honest, my reaction was a solid meh. Seemed goofy, but not in a funny way and often I just stared at it, not knowing what is happening. Because of this both the ninth and the tenth Doctor missed to meet my life. And then came Mr. Eleven.

Why did I started watching a show I had no interest in? No idea. Really. Can't remember it at all. Must have been a particulary interesting episode or scene that got my attention and after that I decided to catch up on it. But just the Matt Smith run. Why? Again, no idea. Never even heard about Matt Smith before that. Wanted to save time, most likely. Anyway, from that point onward, I saw every episode and Christmas special and started to love the thing

I know a few people who voiced that they did not like the Capaldi Doctor, but to me he seemed the right man, at the right time. With him, we were able to see and comprehend that the Doctor's life, albeit full with adventures and friends and love, has a darker side. That it is just as much filled with sorrow and loss. Capaldi, to me, portrayed a tired Doctor, someone who has seen too much and was nearing the end of his ropes and because of this, when he got up again and again, to face impossible odds, often another loss, the Doctor seemed stronger then ever.

It is my firm belief that the series should have ended with Capaldi's Doctor. Not by killing him, but in way of some universal peace, or quiet period. A time that does not need the Doctor to be such an active part of it. He could have gone to live a carefree life with friends and allies, enjoying the beauty that the universe can offer. (Maybe with an after credits scene, heralding something horrible on the horizon)

And now, the new Doctor is here and he is a she... okay, can anyone tell me how to address the Doctor? I mean, should be always according to the current body? Is the Doctor a she now? Was the Doctor ever a he? „It” would be rather rude, so I don't know, but for the sake of easy understanding, I'll go with she, whenever I'm not writing The Doctor.

So, Jodie Whittaker! I saw Stephen Colbert's interview with her, a bit before the actual first episode and thought to myself: she is my kind of crazy. Seemed like a genuinely positive, happy person who smiles a lot and could be a blast to hang out with. I always liked the more silly part of the Doctor's persona. The kind that runs around, says crazy things, basicaly acts like a fool. Matt Smith did that rather well, if you ask me (and you are reading this so... yeah). I'm happy to say, that Miss Whittaker did not disapoint me, and of course I know that this statement just made her day a lot better.

Let's just say that I'm a fan of both the actress and the character they wrote for her. All through the first episode I felt the insane amount of energy and joy she brought to the table and it swept me away like a tide. Any time the actors of a show are having real fun, not just for the making of video, it makes me enjoy the product a lot more. I think Whittaker's mind went far away the moment she heard she'll be the new Doctor and God bless her for that!

After two episodes I still hold this opinion and I still don't know where to stand, regarding the companions. They are... okay. Diverse, for sure, but I don't know. In time they might grow on me. Or not, I'll keep watching for Whittaker's performance anyway. Story wise I also have some reservations. It seems they are setting up a big baddie, a season long opponent and frankly, I wanted Doctor Who to become a more episodic, more adventurous title, with less saving species and galaxies. A more fun DW. And Whittaker would be ideal for that.

To close it off, this fan will keep on watching! If you have any doubts about a female lead or what the showrunners can do, give the first episode a go. I think it'll be the same Doctor Who we came to love. Might not be better, but definetly not worse.

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