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Do you like fast-paced games?


Tank girlHi everyone!
Today i have a question for you (you could've noticed that from the title), but it requires a bit of explanation. 

You probably know, that there are few tank games out there. For example, I play Armored Warfare and my friend plays World of Tanks.

The main reason to play AW for me is that you are using modern tanks there and you don’t have some weird golden p2w ammo that destroys everything. On the other hand, my friend says that older tanks with slower gameplay are better because it makes the whole process more tactical, which I can’t understand.

It just takes more time for you to do things, it doesn’t make you smarter or something like that, it doesn’t make any sense! Even if you have fast tank, you still have to calculate what you’ll do next, it makes you think faster. In fact, AW feels like 3x speed of WoT for me, but I can’t say I’m confused about it.

So, in my mind, slow doesn’t mean tactical and fast doesn’t mean brainless zerg rush. What do you think about it?

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