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AGONY ....The Divine Comedies made into a game


History: Agony was originally announced November 2016 as a Kickstarter project. After being delayed once it was released May 29th 2018. 

Developed by: Madmind Studio which is a new studio located in Poland with only this title under its belt. The team is comprised of only 9 members currently. 

Published by: PlayWay a Polish company with about 45 games so far. Mostly known for the Truck and Mechanic Simulators series of games.

The game itself uses the Unreal 4 engine which has great flexability as the developer stated they would like to create a VR and Nintendo switch version later in the future.

Technical/Designer Talk: Personally having used the Unreal engine, Its a very powerful engine and produces very good looking games. That being said, it does suffer from the Gears / Unreal Tournament disease. Meaning even the best artist and designer will run into the trivial problem of thinking to themselves...this looks like Gears of War. Low saturated / washed out colors for gritty realism. Mechanically, the engine is very solid and well developed and has been around for awhile. Their is a lot of exisiting and shared knowledge when using this engine so, We frown upon companies that have high levels of glitches or technical gameplay issues when using this engine. Its been around too long and is too well developed and feel its a lack of testing and quality control on Publishers behalf. Using an existing engine will cut into a project*s* overall budget due to licensing fees.      

 Time to Scrub There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this game which seems very unfair. Firstly, this is a niche game, its not for everyone, it deals with some very heavy concepts. Religion in this day and age seems to be a very sensitive topic to talk about let alone make a game about it. Survival horror, the genere which seems to have pioneered a new way to play games, then lost its mind somewhere *Looking at you Resident Evil 6 and Umbrella Corps* and is slowly coming back to its senses recently with some superb titles. Agony is Dantes Inferno, The Divine Comedies and part Old Testament. You think this game is dark? Try reading those books then going to sleep..pro tip..you wont. However, if you are referring to gamma...yes..its too dark sometimes. I noticed when playing the gamma was force adjusted at certain parts of the game to force you to use a torch. Which we all know is the equalivent of wearing a bright safety vest and blasting an air horn....EVERYTHING will notice you. I use a PC and have not run into any framerate issues, it seems to be mostly a console issue at this point, maybe texture bottleneck..not sure. AI waypoints and patrol paths are too simplistic, meaning if a demon is on a set path, you possess it and move it off its path the AI gets confused. It will attempt to return to the original set path but gives up if it detects any object in its waypath. Which can turn some levels into nightmares. I accidentally possessed a demon for some revenge kills, ran out of time about was booted out of my demon body. The problem? I was at the original spawn point and my demon would not move, the result? Respawn hell, live get murdered by same demon..over and over again. Think Groundhogs Day the movie but in hell...and its not funny. The game originally was going to get an Adult Only rating and some content has been cut. You can find footage of the cut content via Youtube. I have searched far and wide for the unedited content or patch to put it back in the game...no such luck. Did I overall enjoy the game?  Yes and NO its complicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yes- I like the dark tones, art direction and styling, its just so dark. At times its very graphically pleasing and unforgiving. There is no question, you are damned, eternally punished in hell for your never really explained sins. Im assuming I was a cruel crusader or an abusive king to his people...never clearly explained but it keeps you guessing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      No- This game is NOT for everyone, its extremely graphic, touches on some very senesitive subjects. There are some minor technical issues that affect gameplay. Starts out strong then slowly winds down, overall pacing of the game feels off for what it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To Be Considered- Madmind Studio is new and this is their only game to date. The team is made of only 9 people. Extremely graphic which can attract or detour certain people. $29.99 price is considered -FAIR- for what it offers. 

The Scrubby  - Honestly I enjoyed my first couple times playing the game. I enjoy aspects of the occult and the darkness the game potraits. I did get frustrated....a lot due to minor issues and unclear paths, waypoints and enemy detection. If you knew about this game before it came out, means its up your alley and you have some interest. The game isnt exactly as you think it is from the previews. Its not a masterpiece, it has flaws for $29.99 I would recommend for **FANS OF THE GENRE AND DARK OCCULT TYPE STUFF** I am interested what Madmind Studio has learned from the project and curious to what they develop next.        

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