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Sonic Force: Another Review


Sonic Forces his way into mediocrity again


Spoilers are throughout the entire review, read on with discretion

Well here it is, the OTHER 25th anniversary celebration sonic game. And one that claims to be a return to the Colours and Generations formula. With Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic (from Sonic Mania) and your own custom made Original Character(your OC). With a darker and more edgier storyline, featuring classic foes such as Chaos, Shadow and Zavok(?), Dr Eggman conquering the world, And a new foe called 'Infinite' and a mysterious object called the 'Phantom ruby'(like the one form Sonic Mania). It looked to be the sonic game that brings us what we asked for since Generations.

Except that it's boring and Completely unoriginal.

Let me explain

this game is not BAD, but it is not GOOD either. For every good idea there is a dumb idea.

Lets start with the story.

The story is alright. the voice acting is okay. The plot is entertaining enough and enjoyable, but it has a few superfluous elements, Classic sonic, the OC's backstory, all there in the plot but they don't really DO anything. Take Chaos for Example. The big final boss from Sonic Adventure (one of my all time fave Sonic Games). They showed him off in the trailers and how he will play a part in the game. Not once to you ever fight the guy. Doesn't even play a role in the story. He is just there. Wasted potential. But on the other hand some of Sonic's friend to get the limelight and develop. Knuckles goes from a dumb strongman to the commander of the resistance in Sonic and Tails's absence. I like that, It is getting boring seeing characters stay within their designated roles. So some form of development is appreciated

Gameplay wise

The game is(seemingly) a return to the Generations formula.With three gameplay styles, Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and your OC. However only 2/3 of the game is actually enjoyable. Modern sonic is the usual fast paced gameplay from generations and Colours. His gameplay is sort of fun, even though you spend a fair bit of time Watching Sonic do fast things rather than playing those fast things. Classic sonic is probably the worst part of the game. He is not awful but when the last Classic sonic game I played was Sonic Mania, his controls feel sluggish and weighty in comparison. Hell even the generations Classic Sonic levels controls better than this one. He feels like the stages were designed with generations classic sonic in mind but – to tie it in to Mania- they use Mania sonic, who just isn't built for this kind of game.

The OC is actually quite fun. It adds a new flavour to the usual gameplay of modern sonic. With different equip-able weapons and costumes to customize your look and weapons. Its all fun but is a little limiting Your choice of animal ranges from Wolf, Cat, Dog(which is different from a wolf how?) Rabbit, Hedgehog, Bird, and Bear. Thats it. No Echidna's or chameleon's or crocodile's or any of the other animals that Sonic's multitude of friends are. And knowing what many OC's look like from Deviant Art, this will surely be in need of a large amount of DLC and patches to be anywhere good enough for the sonic fan fiction writers. My OC was trying to be a Recreation of Sally Acorn but to no avail.

he level design is probably the most unoriginal thing in the entire game, hell the ENTIRE series. The game has 30 levels for you to traverse. What it doesn't tell you is that there is only 5 different types of levels. And most of those levels only last about 1-2 minutes.The main level tropes on display here are, Green hill zone, only covered with sand.We already saw Green hill in mania, Chemical plant, We also this level trope in mania,A destroyed city,The Death egg, A metropolis and a las vegas forest.The actual levels themselves are dull and boring to traverse. With vast amounts of rings, red rings for you to collect (and seemingly don't do anything), enemies to bash and pits and spikes to blindside/Fall into.

The Music

Is amazing. And just like Sonic 06, the music is the absolute best part of the experience. Weird. The songs are catchy and out and out the best part of Sonic Forces.

At the end of the day

Sonic Forces is not bad enough to be the worst sonic game- or even just general game- ever, but it is nowhere near as good as previous titles.

The game is bland and deserves the score of a bland game.Buy Mania instead. Get the soundtrack for this game. And just wait until Sonic Team learn how to make a proper sonic game again.


If you want to know why Sonic Mania is the better game, well read my review of it Here 

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