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Comments of the Halloweek Special: Treehouse of Horror I


Scary Puns and Qtoid fun!

My servants never die! And neither does this feature! Hopefully... for if you strike us down we shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. I am the master of unlocking, I am what is wrong with that radio, I am the special news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show, I am Darkwing Duck! Actually, it was me FakePlasticTree! But enough pop culture references, let's talks talk about you. And by you, I mean you Paul! That probably isn't your name but it was worth it to mess with all the Paul's out there.

Welcome to our spooky Halloweek Special! Woooooo! The night is dark and full of comments, and I've gathered the whole main crew of COTW together for this. So let's share some comments and qposts made this Halloween.


Super Mario Odyssey breaks two million sales in three days

TheLimoMaker: Single player games sell ONLY 2 million units in a week? What a failure.


Report claims that Japanese third-party devs are scrambling to support the Switch now

ooktar: I preferred the sequel My Big Fat Greek Wii U


Witcher musical opening in Poland this November

ooktar: Thinking on something clever to say, let me get back to you.


World of Final Fantasy is heading to PC

ooktar: Quick, Somebody call Destructoids hero. Matt Damon!


Quickpost by Rudorlf

ooktar: No Waifu is safe, no Shitpost is sacred.


Quickpost by ZombieCORPS

Quickpost by Derewolf

Quickpost by GetNekKid

Gmana: Moana, Maui, the Grinch, and Bruce walk into a bar...and add more names as we get more costumes.


Super Mario Odyssey breaks two million sales in three days

Perro: Mario's a good guy, loves his brother, saves Princess Peach aaand, the Mushroom Kingdom too (RIP Tom Petty)


Sega won't be sending out Sonic Forces review codes release

Perro: Sonic Forces fans to buy the game before reviewers confirm it's terrible.


Global shipments for the PlayStation 4 have reached 67.5 million

Perro: That's just Japan's sales numbers. Double it and you have worldwide figures.


Monokuma turns Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates into a nightmare

FakePlasticTree: It's hard to make jokes about Danganronpa, and its world, because it does a pretty good job with that on its own.


Ye old video game oddities: Rise from your grave!

FakePlasticTree: Clearly this was the attitude of the entire development team when making this game.


And that's all folks! Hope you've all had a safe and fun Halloween, whether you celebrate it or just spend the evening on the couch with your signifigant other like any other Tuesday. Look forward to the regular edition of COTW this Sunday. We wanted to try and do a holiday special for this, just for the heck of it. Do you all think this is something worth repeating for Christmas? Let us know! I'll definitely take it up with the rest of the team too. So on behalf of the whole team. Have a fantastic day!


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