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CBlog Recaps of 09/19/2017 - Blackjack

Back a few months ago, I traveled to the sole Pennsylvanian branch of the exquisite import-arcade chain Round 1 as part of a general getaway trip. Historically relevant and beautiful outdoorsy sites were also visited, but for the pur...


CBlog Recaps of 9/13/17 + Getting to Know Me

Hello Everyone and welcome to the first iteration of the CBlogs Recaps to be brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Dere. So you're stuck with me every week now. You should probably get used to it and learn to deal with it. I wa...


Cblogs of 9/4/2017 & 9/11/2017+ Uncharted-isms

With Uncharted 4, the series once again demonstrated that it is the quintessential blockbuster videogame franchise. Taking all the elements of the summer blockbuster, and expanding them into videogame format. There is the consistent n...


CBlog Recaps of 09/05/2017 - Melancholic

Hasn't been the kindest of weeks. Half-baked plumbing installs from some years past only exacerbated the potential issues surfacing nowadays, and I darn near obliterated my ankle at the gym over the weekend while performing a routine ...


Cblog recaps of 09/02/17 - Going to Adal

I could make my gasm about how badly the news outlets are handling Hurricane Irma but I must retsrain my anger so let's talk about something fun. A B S O L V E R It's been two long months since the Beta finished and ever since then I'...


CBlog Recaps of 08/29/2017 - Plug Out

After a particularly vexing day, in years and eras gone by, I'd often return home unfettered to breathe - or, upon working from home, simply breathe altogether - that I might unwind with a few solid hours of video gaming. Yesterday wa...


CBlog Recaps of 08/22/2017 - Left-Behind City

Sonic mania awakens! Sonic Mania has defied the Sonic Cycle thus far and snagged great reception across the board, from blunt critic to jaded gamer all. I'm diggin' it quite bountifully. Beyond a mere nostalgia trip, the game employs ...


Cblog Recaps of 8/17/17 + Limit Breaking

This is the first Cblog Recap I have done in a few weeks. That's pretty dreadful. It isn't because I don't care, or that I'm lazy, no-one can accuse me of either such crime when it comes to Destructoid. No, it's simply because I have, ...


Cblog Recaps of 8/16/17 + AMA

  I asked you all for questions and you fucking delivered! Here is the riveting conclusion to my very first AMA... Angie22: Which dinosaur you feel would be the best household pet? Dino from The Flintstones. What are you cu...


CBlog Recaps of 08/15/2017 - The Star Maker

Recent coverage of divides and shifts in the gaming landscape has got me thinking extemporaneously again, this time about how quickly plenty of us can rush to idolize and admire a person or collective who churns out something marvelou...


Cblog Recaps of 8/11/17+A lull

Welp, beat the Ratchet and Clank Remake-overall while it was visually impressive and generally fun its obvious how hard the movie kneecapped it in terms of story especially near the end. It does make me hopeful for more remakes of old...


Cblog Recaps of 8/9/17 + Pound the Puss

  I stumbled across this delightful game called Pound the Puss earlier today. Wait! Come back! It’s not what you think….. Pound the Puss is a point-and-click adventure game about a 9-year-old catboy, named Pound, wh...


CBlog Recaps of 08/08/2017 - Negaposi*Continues

While chatting with a pal I've known for some years, I mentioned the slight and gradual improvements I've noticed at the gymnasium. Specifically, I made note of the increase in stamina in that, where once I fell gasping for air at a h...


Cblogs of 8/7/2017+ A Defense of Starfox Zero

When Starfox Zero was surprisingly announced by Nintendo, the expected excited reaction was almost immediately overshadowed by a more subdued but more consistent wave of doubt. Almost immediately, people found negatives to rally aroun...


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