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God Damn I Hate The UK Sometimes

Don't you guys just hate game delays? They're possibly the only thing I hate about being a vidya gaem fan, aside from the raging fanboy side of things. It's worse when the delay is for a game you've been anticipating for a long time. I mean...


Oh Resi 5 DLC, Yo So Fun

Now this isn't really a review but more an experience. If i'm to ever purchase Resi 5 Gold Edition i'll do a review on it then. Actually I might do. Anyway to the main point of this entry. Just last night I ended up playing through Resident...


Review - Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing

Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Publisher: SEGA Platforms: Wii, DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PC Genre: Racing Back when this title was first announced, I really didn't know what to expect. To me, all it looked like was SEGA's answer to Nintendo's Mar...


So That New SSFIV Trailer ...

You Can Find It Here! Looks like we got the trailer a bit early than expected! Initial thoughts are; fantastic trailer. It's great to see the 3rd Strike cast returning in 3D. Ibuki is looking good, quite flashy. Seems a fast paced characte...


Oh My God Yes

Ok this is probably all over the internet as it is but I want to express my joy. DUDLEY IS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED FOR SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV. THE ROSE GLOVES WERE RIGHT! Capcom I absolutely love you this now, you listened and gave us what we...


Review - Bioshock 2

This review may contain mild spoilers for Bioshock 2. Please keep this in mind before reading. Thank you. Title: Bioshock 2 Alternative Title: Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams Publisher: 2K Games Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC Everybody ...


Gutter Trash

He makes tea time seem manly. Eat your heart out K-On An update from fighting game website Eventhubs has revealed that an ex Gamespot editor by the name of Jeff Gerstmann recieved a single boxing glove and a lovely red rose fresh from Cap...


Hokuto Musou, Oh I Want You So

Because you can't talk about Hokuto no Ken without it. Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru So we're now into February and gaming has been good this year so far! Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2 and we have many promising titles on the way. Next mont...


This Is Why I Hate SEGA Sometimes

Say hello to the special edition of Sonic Classics Collection for the DS! Featuring a metal tin to keep all your goodies in, a nifty little Sonic figure and a set of art cards featuring quite a bit of retro artwork. You liking the sound o...


Bioshock 2: First Impressions

Note: The following blog may contain small spoilers for Bioshock 2. If you do not want to risk having anything spoilt then proceed with caution. Thank you Looking kinda cool there Bomberma- WILD DK APPEARED So today I recieved my shiny ...


About Cazzaone of us since 12:27 PM on 02.10.2010

*suddenly bio redesign*

Hey there guys, Cazza here and welcome to my Destructoid page where you'll find my random entries and game reviews. I've always had a strong passion for writing and have been doing game reviews for almost 6 years now. I first started gaming at a young age when we went and got a SNES. First game I ever played was Super Ghouls n Ghosts. Yeah, I started out hardcore. If I had to name a favourite console it would probably be the SEGA Megadrive as it's home to possibly my favourite game of all time, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Although if I had to choose a non retro game as my favourite, it would go to Dementium: The Ward. A horror FPS for the Nintendo DS created by Jools Watsham and his team over at Renegade Kid. Fantastic game which you should all go out and try.

Outside of gaming, one of my bigger interests are ... yeah you could see this coming from 10 miles away. I have quite a big interest in Anime and Manga. Well Anime more than Manga but its nice to have a shelf filled with books of some sort. Started Anime when I was about 13 with Naruto then I ventured into different series. My favourites would have to be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hidamari Sketch, Cromartie High School, Sengoku Basara and Baccano. I'm not that much into manga but I do read a few every now and then. Infact, last time I read manga was when my friend linked me to chapter 1 of Vinland Saga.

Music taste? What's that? Yeah if its me you're looking at, all you're gonna find are Anime openings or Video Game songs. I absolutely love game music, so much. Best soundtrack? In my opinion its most likely the Ace Attorney series. Saying that, I still have a soft spot for 8 and 16 bit music. Dr.Wily Stage 1 anyone?

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