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Fight Sticks; They're Worth It

Another day, another session of Street Fighter IV where I get pretty much nothing done. A while ago I was in the crowd that believed Street Fighter IV sucked and wasn't as good as Street Fighter II but thanks to one of my friends getting stuck into the game, I removed my rose tinted glasses and gave it another shot. I found myself really starting to enjoy it more as I learnt the gameplay mechanics and actually managed to beat Seth for once. That's when I decided to take the next step and move onto a Fight Stick. Was it the right choice? Personally I would say it was, it enhances the gameplay experience so much its unbelievable. It does take a while to get used to at first but after some time it becomes second nature. Over the past month or so since I bought it, i've grown quite attached to my Fight Stick. The little guy has seen me through so many awesome SF matches. Heck the other week I even went and got it modded. I purchased the SE Madcatz stick so it was extremely easy to mod.. or the buttons were anyway. Changing the art is a royal pain in the ass. The outcome of my art change was sloppy but I like it. It really gives it more of a personal feel, if you get what I mean. Without that default image slapped onto it, it feels more like your Fight Stick.

Ok so you're probably wondering what the point in all that was. Well basically I just wanted to waste time/write up something to convince people to go that extra mile and shell out for a Fight Stick. It makes playing Street Fighter and other games so much better. In the words of our favourite random Sushi guy who got thrown into a shit advert; Try! You like it! And to top it off here's a shit quality photo of my badly modded Fight Stick. I'd imagine you guys can mod your own much better than I did. Feel free to reply to this blog with images of your own Fight Stick if you have one. I'd love to see some mods you guys have done.

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