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Child of Light: A Bright Homage To JRPGs


A game written entirely in rhyme?  Well i'm sure that won't get old in time!

JRPGs have been seeing a lot of homages and throwbacks in correlation to what few console releases we see of them today.  The latest of these tributes to the Golden Age of Japanese Role-Playing Games is from Ubisoft Montreal and my frozen land of Canada.  From the studio that brought you Far Cry 3 and the Assassin's Creed series comes the latest love letter to JRPGs called Child of Light.  Mixing the gameplay of Secret of Mana, Grandia and Final Fantasy 4-9 together with gorgeous artwork, is this eye-catching RPG the best game to come out of Ubiart's fine framework?

Or does this promising JRPG fall apart,
right from the very start?  Check out this week's review of Child of Light and find out!

*Review copy supplied by Ubisoft, PC version.  UPlay required for PC version.

**In case you're wondering, the keyboard and mouse controls work fine, but they're not preferable to a controller.  If you're going to play this game on your glorious PC, break out a controller and enjoy.

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