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Rock Band Availability: Extreme

The new blog system ate the last upload, so this one will be much less eloquent. Walmart. Central Illinois. Noon. Black Friday. 50ish Rock Band bundles. I wouldn't start believing the unavailability hype on this. Seems like people are sti...


And We've Reached A New Low

BAM! Along with the complete obliteration of the letter S, you can look forward to this: Bratz Ponyz sees you arrive on the Ponyz archipelago to participate in the prestigious Ponyz Town beauty pageant, ‘Passion for Fashion'. The compet...


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Rather than bitch in everyone else's comments, I figured I'd start my own, so people could bitch at it instead. Riding the wave of my last year of law school before getting a "real" job, with suits and ties and same-sex bathrooms perhaps.

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