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To editorialize or not to editorialize: An editorial


This piece may require a bit of back story. First off, I am an amateur writer earning his degree in journalism. In a perfect world, I would love to be a games journalist, but journalism is such a competitive field as is, that finding any job is relieving, especially to recent graduates.

I started this blog to practice my news writing skills. I've had blogs in the past where I would write endlessly about my opinions on games or gaming news, but those blogs neither got any significant traffic, or gave me any experience in actual news writing. In order to become a better journalist, I would have to write habitually.

While IGN may get a lot of criticism, it also tends to be the most 'newsy' kind of game news.

I can say that it has been difficult writing for this blog. Trying to write news-type content is difficult, as I saw with the story I wrote about the length of the game Murder. I referred to myself in the first-person in that story, to talk about the review I had written for it. In any normal publication, that wouldn't have been allowed, but there also would have been two different people writing the story and writing the review.

I found it a lot easier to write my most recent piece on the rising cost of video games, but that's because I used a bit more opinion to make the story flow better. I consider that piece a lot less professional, and probably would not use it in a portfolio, whereas I might with the Murder story.

I started this blog with the intent of being as close to real games journalism as possible, and decided to stay away from editorializing my news stories, and not trying to write editorials at all. But it's a challenge when most games media is editorialized. That's not a bad thing, though it isn't a transferrable skill for writing for mainstream media.

I will continue to improve my skills to write better, opinion-free content, and maybe open to writing the occasional opinion-piece if the need arises. But games journalism is somewhat difficult for me to write for, as most of the games news I read is the type of content I've been told to avoid writing by lecturers, professors, and professionals in my field.

Maybe I just need to talk to more games journalists to get their opinions on this topic. Destructoid, you know where to find me.

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