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Masochisia Review


Masochisia is a cheap shot at the psychological horror genre that might be worth a playthrough, but won’t torment the back of your brain like other, more memorable experiences.

Masochisia is a point-and-click adventure horror game available on Steam for PC and Mac. The game is welcoming to newcomers of the point-and-click genre. Aside from when glitches get in the way, the puzzles are straight forward and don’t challenge the player too much.

The game warns players of disturbing content at the beginning and Masochisia delivers. This game is not one for weak stomachs. While it’s disturbing imagery can be gruesome, the game isn’t beyond throwing a few jump scares at the player either.

Really what makes Masochisia so distinct is it’s beautiful and horrifying art style. The character proportions are Tim Burton-esque, and everything is drawn in great detail. Skin folds and sags on characters, backgrounds feel vibrant and foreboding, and the game doesn’t just rely on muddy brown colours to oppress the player. Colour is used in the game’s environments to tie scenes together and make the player feel angry or upset.

The game tackles the concept of control over not just a main character, but oneself. The game has grand ambitions for it’s story, and while it doesn’t always deliver, there were a few moments that had me disgusted and second guessing myself.

The jump scares are often, and don’t benefit the themes of the game much, but mostly serve to remind you that you’re still playing a horror game. They don’t take away from the experience, but they don’t add anything to it either.

While the game does offer legitimate scares, it’s also not above tossing out some cheap, almost Creepy-pasta-like imagery. There are more photos of people with their eyes missing in this game than I’ve seen in any horror game. The game feels like it’s stuck between legitimate scares and the lowest dredges of Internet horror.

During my time with the game, I encountered a few glitches that prevented me from progressing. They seem to have been triggered by doing some puzzles and actions out of order, and the game doesn’t warn or stop you from doing them at any time. The game does include a chapter select function in the main menu, so players may have to repeat some sections before proceeding.

Masochisia is a short experience, lasting only two hours. While I enjoyed my time with it, it’s length and lack of challenge didn’t really grip me. Masochisia delivers a short and gruesome story, and it does it well. The game is priced at $8, and considering the quality of the artwork in the game I’m not surprised by the price, but it if you wanted to take a night and enjoy Masochisia, you may want to wait for it to go on sale.

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