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MVC3: What Do You Want?

Since the release of Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there's been a bit of backlash from the franchise's dedicated fanbase, saying that the game is too easy, and offers very little to set it apart from the rest of the series. Well, quite frankly, I'm a little bit confused.

This game is motherflippin' awesome.

As one of the members of aforementioned dedicated fanbase, I can honestly say that MVC3 is pretty much the game I'd hoped it would be. It's great looking, there's a great character selection (smaller than MVC2, and larger than MVC1), and the gameplay has been re-done while still maintaining the familiarity of the previous games. So, when I'd finally picked up the game after hearing so much crap from like-minded gamers, I was baffled beyond all reason. What more do fans want?

The "Versus" series, on the Capcom side, has never been exactly a technical game like, say, the Street Fighter games. Attacks can link seamlessly with others, creating MARVELOUS!, devastating combos that will make you feel like a gaming god, and your opponent like a lowly peasant with a bum leg screaming, "but I was blocking! That's bullshit!" There, there, asshole. You just suck. Anyway.

Is that the problem? For me, executing a regular 10 hit combo in MVC3 is just as easy pulling off one in MVC2. You might have to put a little more effort into pulling one off in MVC1, but the difficulty is essentially the same. I used to get so angry when some ten year old would fuckbeat me by mashing buttons in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. I'd get even angrier, though, when some other guy pops in and floors the button-masher like an insect, because that guy knows what the fuck they're doing.

Difficulty and button-mashing aren't the problem, so what is? Did my fellow gamers want another MVC2 with 3D graphics and different characters? Well, that would have been just silly. Especially since we've been waiting for the third game for, like, fifty years. Perhaps it's--*GASP* I think I know what it is!

It's the fucking music.

It's this weak ass techno/metal soundtrack that makes you want to cringe and slap small children in the teeth. For example, as I write this the Hero Select screen is idle with that horrendous music playing in the background. What makes it worse is they tossed in that unforgettable "I wanna take you for a ride!" lyric from the previous game, but it only makes you want to kick a hole in your television.

What Marvel vs. Capcom 3 needs is what Marvel vs. Capcom 2 had--motherfucking Jazz.

That's right. That's why no one can really concentrate like they need to, because there's not a single Jazz fusion song on its soundtrack. You know what, I take this entire article back. I'm sorry for questioning you guys. Carry on.


Sorry I couldn't post a neat little header like I usually do. I'm currently not at home with Photoshop and, well, yeah.
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