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Video Games: Where It's Okay To Commit Suicide.

Hello, my name is Cassandra. I like to die. Be it through immolation or beehive or plasma-engineered eradication, I have this vague attachment to the act of expiring in both hilarious and explosive ways. There's just this something about sp...


Dinner Date: Food For Afterthought

Crossposted from TK-Nation. TK-Nation's a South-East Asian gaming site that plays home to news about quality underdogs from the gaming world, indie cosplay and video game collectibles. Fair warning. This post-mortem is long, windy, sligh...


Backstab: Would you kill your friends?

I've been staring at the trailer for Backstab for a while now and the only thing I have to say about it is, 'EEESH.' It's a bit too realistic for my liking. We play video games as a means of escape. Regardless of whether you're jumping o...


Too Much Fleck About Social Gaming?

Social gaming is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, we have the people who are so addicted to these Facebook applications that they're willing to bludgeon their children tod eath, sacrifice their careers and inunduate friends with a millio...


About Cassandra Khawone of us since 8:05 AM on 12.09.2010

Cassandra Khaw is one of those people who takes pride in the fact she's a full-time, hardcore geek. She claims to be capable of reading binary still and spends too much time rewriting her code. By day, she's a PHP programmer who moonlights as designer. By night, she's either MUDding, in a cybercafe or practicing street dance. She can also be bribed with penguins and brownies. Right now, she's webmistress and columnist for TK-Nation as well as a contributing writer at JayIsGames.

Now that the formal introduction's out of the the way; hey there! I write. I code. I do a lot of things. But mostly, thanks to both my regional situation and the ethics at my work place, I write about things that won't get the censorship board breathing down my neck. On the surface, I'm your average inhibited Chinese person living in South-East Asia. Underneath, there's a raw, seething ball of rage and -- well, you get the idea.

No self-censorship here and probably a lot of irate thoughts pertinent to things I've seen or written elsewhere. Enjoy the verbal flailing.