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...or more accurately, SegaRetro.net

I've was just leafing through a magazine, when I saw what I definitely want for christmas this year. Even more, what I'll probably be buying my two best mates for their christmas presents too...they'll read that here, and I've just ruined the surprise, but I just don't care.

Head over to http://www.segaretro.net to have a closer look at these two choices:

One player version:

Two player version:

For those who want to know more...here's the stats.

The one player version is 30.
It's got a LCD screen, TV-out and built-in speakers.
It comes with 20 built-in original Megadrive games, including Sonic & Knuckles, GoldenAxe, Shinobi and Ecco.

The two player version is 20
Two controllers plug straight into a TV
They come with 10 built-in original Megadrive games, including Sonic & Knuckles and Spinball.

I think these are pretty cool, and obviously a lot cheaper than a load of other things. Yes, they're very gadgety, and probably won't have much longevity, but I'd happily play on them, preferably the one-player version.

I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea, and obviously if you've got a DS, you might think these are pretty pointless, but for 20 or 30, I reckon they're all right, and would bring a smile to my face.

Thoughts anyone?
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