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EA Announces Fifa World Cup Edition

Obvious announcement is obvious time, as EA decides to cash in on World Cup fever.

That's not official artwork. I just found that out of laziness and boredom.

Following the huge success of Fifa 10 (it very nearly matched Modern Warfare 2's sales here in Europe last year) EA has announced that they will release a World Cup 2010 game, based on the current engine. I'm a huge fan of the series and am thrilled by it's continued improvement over the past few years, yet I'm not excited about this latest news. Traditionally, World Cup or European Championship games are utter rubbish, even though they are based on the same engine as their successful siblings. The major trouble being, they only really have one offline game mode, as opposed to the handful you get on Fifa 10. Plus the current game has the upcoming and improved Ultimate Team add-on that added a huge amount of longevity to last year's edition.

EA have promised all 199 nations that took part in qualifying will be in the game and an online tournament mode that I'm sure some will find interesting...but others really won't care about. After all, the major part of Fifa should be the offline modes.

So, will this year's World Cup edition be different from it's predecessors or will it suffer from the same problems as the others? Either way, it may be the only way for many fans to see their team lift the trophy, and that's almost worth the RRP itself. On that note, there's been no news on what the game will retail for yet but, seeing as it's EA, you can probably bet on it not being that much lower than the full-sized Fifa 10.

Keep up to date with any future announcements on EA's Community Manager's Twitter account or the Fifa 10 Facebook page:

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