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Do all MMORPG Trailer look the same nowadays?

In the last weeks I watched two new MMORPG trailers, one for 'Elder Scrolls Online' and yesterday the latest one for 'Neverwinter Nights Online'. I'm sorry to say, but these trailers nowadays are looking all the same to me. They may all look beatuiful and surely cost a lot of money, but I believe every trailer has at least two or three of following clichés in it:

1. There is a huge battle going on and you don't know why, but you also don't care. We are just in the middle of a fight. There are a bunch of fantasy-superheros fighting each other and you don't question why.

2. We have a beautiful female ranger or sorceress fighting a big, musclepacked knight or something and beating the shit out of him.

3. We have a big creature, most likely a dragon, roar a big howl into the camera.

4. We have all MMORPG class stereotypes presented again and again in each video. A knight/berserker type, an assasin/thief/ type, a ranger with a bow and a mage/sorceress for sure.

5. And we have some stylish slow-mo fight scenes going on.

I've seen these fantasy trailer clichés so often right now, I just have to yawn when I see a new trailer has gotten out. But maybe I'm wrong. So, let's check some of the trailers of MMORPGs since 'World of Warcraft'. Like the game itself, the trailer has set the standard for the following games, and maybe they all followed too well.

World of Warcraft

So, we got a little explanation at the beginning, but after all characters were shown to the viewer, they just mindlessly fight each other, and we just don't care. There's a war going on, you don't need to know more. Then we have the beautiful night elf fighting the orc, but she ain't beating the shit out of him, what a pity. At least we have the fire-elemental-golem-whatever-creature roaring at the screen, as well as orc. When it comes to sterotype classes and races: the orc goes berserk, we've got a ranger with his pet, the night elf assassin and a mage throwing fireballs - everybody's in place.

Warhammer Online

Dark forces vs the armies of light, good vs bad, you know the routine. The trailer displays mainly a huge siege battle and well, that's it. A beautiful female ranger is fighting a dark berserker and beating the shit out of him? Right there, and we've also got a nice slow-motion dodging scene included. A big dragon roaring around at the end of the trailer? In your face. And we got so many classes and races fighting each other, from squid hunter to fire mage, all in there. Orcs go berserk, as ever.

Neverwinter Online

This is nearly the same trailer as warhammer online. A siege. Good forces vs the evil undead. There's a battle taking place, and we don't care why, it just happens - check. Beatuiful assassin fighting big, musclepacked grunt and beating the shit out of him - check. Dragon roaring into the camera at the end -check. Fighter, assasin, ranger, mage - all classes are there. Check.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Some guys fighting undead werewolves, peolple climbing up a wall, there is a huge battle going on, and we don't know why. And we don't care again, just accept the fact that everybody's fighting all day - it's okay. A masked ranger/assasin type guy with lot's of slow-motion scenes? Wonderful, haven't seen that before. Beuatiful elf sorceress kicking some butt? Here we go. Dwarf warrior with tons of beard under his helmet - can't miss the party!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Okay, we all know the story. Sith vs Jedi. And again we have a big battle going on, but now it's a lot of laser fighting, but somehow it's still the same. Trooper guy fights sith, gets his ass beaten. Then Jedi-Lady comes by and kicks some ass. We got a lot of slow-motion fight scenes, and in the end the lady beats the shit out of the evil Sith. Everything's fine here.


So, what can you expect from a Fanatsy-MMORPG Trailer? Classes and Races mindlessly beating the shit out of each other in high quality rendering. Well, I think I just have to go with that when the next MMO trailer gets released. Just lean back, and enjoy ... but don't expect any surprises or anything new ...
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