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Think Geek Selling New Dreamcasts...4realz

I was checking out ThinkGeek for some new useless stuff and I noticed they are now selling brand new Dreamcast is 4real I swear on TheInternets itself. Here is the link in case you are too lazy to type in ThinkGeek and click "W...


Polltoid version 1.0

I was a little bored at work this morning and I wondered what sites all my fellow Dtoiders use to enhance the lolz...let me know what you guys think. Game News: Unimportant real news: Funny Videos: Comedy\Satire: Digg type sites: Internet ...


Dtoid Hall of Fame...we can has?

This post is to request that we set up some sort of Dtoid Hall of Fame for quotes. Not only to educate the n00bs to the site but to shine a light on the most Epic of comments. Granted most of the comments will be from the Workmeng but I thi...


COD4 Update with more meh

I found this on the COD4 Forums, it was posted today. The rumor going around has been that they were going to reset all the ranks in the game but I do not see anything like this in the below post. I canít imagine they are just going to rese...


F U Portal...why must you be so addicting?

Well lets start from the beginning, my buddy came over last night and he brought over The Orange Box. He let me barrow it for the weekend until I get my copy so I could see what all the hub bub was about. I have played HL2 on the PC and I e...


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I own a 360, Wii, "Special" Xbox, a hardcore PC I built, and the software company I work for has a GoldenTee Machine and Electronic Dartboard in the break room. I am not sure if I am hardcore but I check Dtoid about 10 times a day and post while I am talking on the phone with customers because I need t be doing more than 1 thing at a time or I will go crazy. I donít really hit any other game sites but I do check out Digg, The Onion and CollegeHumor at least once a day to see what they have going on, man I love those sites. I mostly play FPS's because there is always someone that is better than you and it gives you something to stride for, as opposed to platforms that just drive me crazy where you have to not get lost, pick up a key, jump on an impossible ledge and figure out how to unlock a door or something, man I really hate those games. I mostly like online multiplayer because of a constant need to measure myself against other, also AI is no match for a 15 year old. Anyways, I am a huge sports fan and play on 3 different softball teams, anyways I am hearing myself in my head and I am sounding like a douche with all this so I am stopping. I would give this description 4 out of 5 meh's