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A Single Cell organism--to-Creating your own world. Videogame!

Well folks of dtiod. Laying back on this trusted, tuesday evening I find myself relaxing. Yes, relaxing. After checking the capcom countdown to realize around 10 hours and some minutes till we realize what exactly we were waiting in suspence for. ANYway back to my entry. I was scrolling through digg, and I found a title that interested me. "The Ten Videos to Change How You View the World," not new to you? Have you seemlessly scrolled apon this? Hmm well then the viewers who haven't scrolled upon this article should find it something short of fucking rediculous. I haven't viewed all the movies but one that particularly catches my interest, with the exception of another called, "10 Ways the World Could End," I encourage you to watch that one as well. You may find it something worth your time. BEcauSe we all know your valuble time is oso precious!!! lol alright back to the movie I came to drop in the blogs.

Toys That Make Worlds - Will Wright

This clip is around 16 minutes long.. which I know on this site seems like why post it, you don't have the patience or want a few minute clips. But I recommend you watch the full movie to get the whole idea and content of this video game. It is truely amazing.




and Enjoy.


(I'm sorry for the noobness all over this, I don't understand how to fully use the bbcode and the help function isn't working. Therefore and unlucky you guys n ladies will have to copy and paste. Which around a 2 second task will ultimatly last forever!!! do it. Curiosity kiled the cat as some would say. :P and spelling) *once you go forward, you never go back.... & I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy this fine evening or bright morning.

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