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"We believe in generations." - Jim Ryan. I believe it will be a generation before I see a PS5 so I think I'm gonna just get a second-hand PS4 Pro and install a 2.5" SSD primary drive.


All this John Gibson/Tripwire stuff reminds me that George Carlin was spot on and it's both maddening and depressingly sad that VERY little has changed since this first aired 25 years ago.


Current mood, thanks to paying first-of-month bills. At least I know my cat is healthy, just fat.


I don't know if they found a box in the back and just needed to get rid of them but my Walmart had Mercy/Pharah and Soldier/Ana Overwatch Ultimate packs in a $5 bin. I haven't played in a while but I still have a thing for Mercy so I couldn't help myself.


The Riders Republic beta is exactly what I expected it to be: A mashup of The Crew and Steep. A bog standard racing game with finicky checkpoints and pared down tricks. It looks nice but there's noticeable screen tearing.The whole package feels clunky.


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