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About CaptainOrionone of us since 4:20 AM on 12.16.2010

Who am I? Hmm that is a good question. My name is Brenden Boudet. I am currently stationed with the United States Air Force at Nellis AFB, Nevada. I am an electrician on F-16s. I spend most of my time at work [10-12 hours per day] and the rest of my time is spent watching TV shows with my wife [Fay] or playing video games. I am 23 years old, as of Jan. 7th 2011, and have been serving for 3 years in the military. The games I currently play are Counterstrike: Condition Zero, Civilization V, Fallout: New Vegas, and occasionally a random MMO that any number of friends convert me to for a month or so.

I began playing video games at a young age, originally on the Pocket Gameboy then eventually on the N64 and Computer. My favorite video games as a child were the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games and the Legend of Zelda games. I transitioned to Age of Empires 2, Morrowwind and Counterstrike: CZ eventually and now just dabble with other games while sticking to my traditional guns. I love RPGs, FPSs, and Strategy games. I have not been too involved in many Indie games, but I when I find a good one, I will spend a good bit of time on it till the next new gem pops up.

The games I am most looking forward to are Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Brink, SWTOR, and Batman: Arkham City. I love watching the DToid Show, and have read many of the reviews and personally picked games based off of what DToid bloggers and community members recommend. So thanks DToid Community!

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