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I’m really enjoying my Daisojou fight in Nocturne. It’s turned into me sprinting to murder him before I lose the Mamudoon coin flip and have to start over. Update: Success!


Here is proof that I should not be in charge of my own finances.


Just out of curiosity, has any major release been delayed to January recently?


Gotta get in to the celebration of being myself again with this premium, grade-A cut of musical excellence.


Real talk, revenge builds in Hades are some of the funniest builds I’ve managed to cobble together. You gotta get that Duo boon to make it work, but once you have that you’re practically killing rooms without attacking.


Apparently we’re doing anime OPs. Here’s one that tricked me into watching a season of an incredibly stupid show.


Well, my pre-order for Mario 3D All-Stars was just cancelled, which is as annoying as it is unsurprising.


Power’s out and I’m working from home. Laptop battery is down to 18% and power restoration is still nowhere on the horizon. Gonna be a wild day, folks.


The Avengers game asserts that the Stark ancestral home is in Utah, and now I can’t stop laughing about the idea of lapsed Mormon Tony Stark.


What I have learned from Maxiboost in the first hour of play: even Easy computers kick my ass and I have no idea how.


Looks like Microsoft is axing Mixer, which I don’t care all that much about, except they were a major client of my current employer and this is going to be a massive change for us.


Problems have been solved, anger has been felt and time has passed, but I’m finally ready to stream some Enter the Gungeon. Join me at twitch.tv/explodeman as I start a new file and play until I unlock The Gunslinger(hopefully).


Well, I was hoping to begin streaming tonight, but a coworker decided to dump 8 hours worth of work on me an hour before we closed for the day, so I guess I’ll try again later.


Hey folks. In about 4 hours I’m going to be attempting to stream some Enter the Gungeon to practice for an eventual charity stream I’m planning. Today, I’ll be starting from a fresh save and trying to unlock the Gunslinger. Link in comments.


Look what you assholes made me do. *Special thanks to Gundy, Parismio and Streetmagik 3.


Here’s a link to a pretty good cover of a pretty weird song. Unless SoundCloud links don’t work, in which case I’ll add it in the comments. https://soundcloud.com/j-williams-friedman/are-you-ready-for-the-sex-girls


Hey DToid. I have decided to purchase a new PS1 game for my collection, but I haven’t decided which one yet. So I’m letting you all decide! First person to suggest a game I don’t already own gets to force a stranger to buy something! Update: Thanks


Alright, I see what all the hubbub about FF7 remake is now. I have nothing more to say, other than people should experience it.


I just realized the Sword and Shield legendaries are Zacian and Zamazenta, which means there’s probably a Zayellow and ZaK for color balance.


Finished Indivisible, a game that is really good up to a certain point and then breaks completely. Still recommended, but only to the patient. The platforming is actually pretty damn good and wound up being my favorite part of large stretches.


I have decided that the reason I don’t care about Sword/Shield is that the game continues to play it safe. We’ve had the same type triangle of starters for 20 years now, let’s at least switch that up. Fighting/Rock/Flying is my weirdo suggestion.


Fucking hell, Borderlands. Ok, so I finished a late game boss right before some stuff happens, go to a cutscene, then come out of it falling forever into nothing.


Oof. Borderlands 3 is getting buggier and buggier the further I get in. Just clipped through the floor during a late game boss that seems to take an hour to kill and I’m very unhappy about it.


Well, borderlands continues the series tradition of having terrible boss fights for single player. It’s always nice to kill 90% of a boss and then have to start over because there wasn’t anything else to kill to get back up.


There’s being comfortable with people’s fetishes, and then there’s advertising your fetishes as a joke in a video game. Goddamn, Randy Pitchford is a maniac.


I get the sense that I’ll have a thousand things posting simultaneously shortly, haha hahahaha. Sorry folks! I love fonts too much!


I guess I’ve become a Sans main. Luckily I had an old Mii Gunner build that I loved built around bullet hell tricks.


People keep saying that Three Houses is too easy, but I don’t see it. *finishes a map without anyone getting hit by an attack* I just don’t see it.


Today I learned that the Eventhubs comment section is a bunch of transphobic assholes and I’m once again saddened by a large number of terrible people enjoying the things I enjoy.


I’m in this accursed no man’s land between Realm Reborn and Heavensward right now and am slowly losing the will to make it through.


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