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Net Neutrality! or Why You'll Lag Out Whilst Gaming

Many of us are familiar with the Net Neutrality issue. Big Companies are controlling our bandwidth usage and how long it takes us to get to certain information. While this is an over simplification of the issue, the fact remains: Your ISP wants to rape your net usage. They are quite content to make sure you end up seeing what they want you to see, or not using services that could distract you from their content.

Most of us game online, be it Xbox LIVE!, PSNetwork, or via our PC/MAC. We've all had times when you suddenly "got kicked" for no apparent reason. You're in the middle of a TF2/Halo 3/R6 match and for some reason no one else on the screen is moving. Some of this is just network hiccups, and is to be expected when we are using a large amount of bandwidth. However, it can just as easily be your ISP keeping you from enjoying the service you paid for.
This can be hard to prove, and most ISPs will deny doing it.

Well, Google has the answer for you. They are currently working on a tool that will determine when your dick of an ISP decides to throttle back your usage. The article, found here, details Google's plan to release a Throttling Detector to find out just how hard you're being boned. I thought this was interesting. I could be wrong, but as someone who's ISP is using a "Fair Usage Policy" to extort untold amounts of cash from me each month, I figured it was worth noting.
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