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About Captain Machismoone of us since 3:43 PM on 03.17.2010

I was first introduced to the world of videogames like that of a child of sparta(very young but minus the creepy homosexual cultural undertones). I enjoy the experiences and the fun that can only be obtained through videogames. My gaming palette is as diverse as ever, there has never been a genre that I have yet to find enjoyable.

I love games so much that I have embarked upon making Game development and design as my major and career of choice. I marvel at the concept of taking part in creating a game that many gamers like me will experience and will want play long after their first play-through.

I hope that in using this blog to write reviews I may recollect and broaden my mind on video games as a whole so that in the future I may create great games that achieve the most simplest of any game: fun.