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Obscurity .. Rocket Jockey!

Ok so this is my first time writing a blog, in my entire life ( I am 27). With that said, please forgive my shitty writing style but this really is worth a read I promise!

So Dtoid want's us to blog about obscure games, here is one .... and it was actually very good!


If any of you are fellow Arstechnica readers you will probably remember a masterpiece being done roughly a month ago by Ben Kuchira. I am not trying to steal any of his words with this blog, but literally the first thing I thought of was this game when the C-Blog header came up looking for obscure games.

This game was so funny , the premise is you are a guy/girl who rides a rocket competetivly. Problem 1) Riding rockets presumably would be fun, but how the fuck do you steer / break ? This is a question most normal people may ask! The developer Rocket Science Game's answer to this question was simple but it is also what made the game so good.

Here's the run down, you ride a big ass fast rocket and on both sides you have these cables that shoot out. Every course you ride around in has pylons, while the rocket itself is steerable with some kind of shitty 1950's technology, the main turning/breaking in the game is done by shooting out your cables which automatically attach to the pylons, swinging you violently to the left or right. (or just in a constant 360 motion which will make you want to throw up if you do not release your cable)

Once the cable is released as stated above you fly towards that direction. This sounds very stupid I know, but mix this in with 5 to 10 other players on rockets as well and you have a great recipe for disaster. You could literally snatch a player off their bike with your cable. You could set up clothesline traps and laugh as the other player failed epically.

Also what made this game so great was the physics, this fucking game came out in 1996 dudes, there was no Euphoria physics engines .... no ragdoll physics .... no havok engines, but some how the developer had these rough physics really working. You could run your rocket into a player and watch him fly into the wall hilariously, be a total douche and drag the other player around the entire course with your cable line while he smashes into everything possible.

Again the game was rough, it shipped with Lan support ... yet had none, it had to be patched in later that month. In 56k day's that was a big deal. I remember playing this game taking turns on a freaking PC w/ my friend at both of our houses, it was that good. I never played online because we had shit dial up, but just taking turns with him was endless fun.

Also under noted in this blog was a great surfer type soundtrack from Dick Dale.

This blog is probably getting boring and way too long , so I will end with this. Unfortunately there is not much youtube footage of this game for some reason, and I could not capture any video for you guy's because this game WILL NOT RUN on modern hardware, not even in dos box lol. This would be a perfect XBL or PSN port, unfortunately a former member of Rocket Science Games says whoever owns the source code (Segasoft? fuck who knows) would need to be ok with all this, and it looks like it is never happening. All that info was given out in the Arstechnica article so feel free to read that it was a great inside look at a great game that I have such awesome memory's off.
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