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Bear's Favorite Playstation Network games:

10. Everyday shooter

What is it? : a classic shooter in which the enemy hits produce sounds that complete each levels soundtrack.

Why it rocks? : It's very hard, testing your reflexes and ability to shoot and avoid being touched. Your reward? destroying chains of enemies and creating beautiful music.

9. Shank

What is it?: An arcade brawler in which you go through waves of enemies with blades, machetes, shotguns, chainsaws and firearms. Everything is presented in very stylized manner taking cues from Tarantino / Rodriguez films.

Why it rocks?: Pure unadultered gore, made possible by firearm/blades combos. Also, very fluid and kickass animations for each of the characters.

8. Outland

What is it?: A beautiful looking game that uses a simplified model of what metroid and castlevania have done in the past in regards to platforming and exploration, but which introduce some very creative and challenging boss fights.

Why it rocks?: Because of the huge bosses that launch screen covering attacks that test your platforming ability.

7. Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light

What is it?: A twin stick shooter with enviromental puzzles that involve platforming, starred by Tomb Raider's Lara Croft.

Why it rocks?: Because every one of the gameplay mechanics that it introduces work and enhance each other, making you feel like the ultimate adventurer wether you're gunning down hellspawns or solving elaborate puzzles.

6. Super Stardust HD

What is it? : A twin stick shooter in which you circle a planet while avoiding falling asteroids and incoming enemies.

Why it rocks?: Best. Looking. Particles. Ever, which make blowing stuff very satisfying.The game also tests your reflexes and speed, because the levels can get very crowded.

5. Pixeljunk Shooter 2

What is it?: A game in which you control a rescue shift that sails through harsh enviroments in which knowing the elements (lava/gas/ice/water) and how to combine them is essential to survive and save the crew

Why it rocks?: it has some really nice fluids physics that you use to open new areas in the levels to save stranded scientists. The level design is fantastic, each world introduce new power-ups that keep the game fresh. The bosses are challenging. The soundtrack sets just the right tone.

4. Joe Danger

What is it?: The stellar Excitebike sequel that Nintendo never made. You race, do tricks, collect various elements and become a stunt superstar in the process.

Why it rocks?: It has that certain simple magic quality that you find in the great Nintendo titles (kudos to Hello Games for nailing that), every control works perfectly making racing and doing tricks a treat, most of the levels are creative and fun to play multiple times.

3. Flower

What is it? : An experimental game in which you control the wind, by moving the sixaxis control, and pick up petals. A sensorial experience that goes from pleasant to gripping and liberating through musical and visual means

Why it rocks?: Because it creates a whole, if simple, narrative, with the single gameplay idea of blowing petals with the wind, without resorting to clutches like cutscenes or voice overs or to other gameplay elements that would've been unnecessary. Because you've not seen anything like it.

2. Braid

What is it?: A perfectly realized time manipulation puzzle game that hints at some heavy themes of regret and memory.

Why it rocks?: Because the puzzles are that damn good, making you think in creative ways and giving you a big sense of accomplisment once you nail them. Also, because its twisted watercolor take on iconic Mario elements (goombas, carnivore plants, yoshi, Mario, Donkey Kong) is very expressive and reinforce and underlying theme of what happens to memories with the passage of time and how one deals with regret.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game

What is it?: The greatest brawling game from all time, picking every element that made games like Double Dragon, River City Ransom and others great.

Why it rocks?: Because it turns me into the same gamer i was as a kid, getting excited about beating thugs with my fists or various weapons (snowball! ninja sword!), in HUGE and beautiful 8 bit like graphics that are propelled by the greatest soundtrack from this generation (by Anamanaguchi). All to save the girl. This is gaming.[/i]
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