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Wii fanboy hates on GTA IV

Fox News dishes out more truth than this guy...and that's saying something. Questions: 1) Was his name "Pimp Cubed"? 2) Are they really schmucks? 3) Does Nintendo know how to ask nicely? 4) Is "high-powered graphics" a new buzz phrase? 5...


About Cameron300ZXTTone of us since 9:17 PM on 07.21.2007

I'm a 25 filmmaker from Wilmington, NC USA(Yes, Super Mario Bros. (Movie) was made here, and the original scripts were better!).

I like rum and coke's.
I think Belize is one of the most beautiful places in the world and want a house there badly (Placencia Village).
I've been a gamer since my aunt bought me an NES in 88 or so (don't remember exactly).

I own every mainstream (or has-been) system except:

Philips CD-i
Sega Saturn
Turbografx 16
Neogeo AES (I have a 4-slot MVS arcade unit though)

If you think of any more mainstream (or has-been systems that I don't know of, call me out but be warned, I have a CDX and Jaguar CD so I have some off the wall-ers in my collec. Plus I have all the protables minus the TG16 but I do have a Lynx and a Nomad)

I like collecting Arcade machines when I have the funds.
Sometimes I just buy the PCB's though.

I own every 2d arcade MK PCB (minus 2), including a full MK3 cab with UMK3 rev 1.2 in it. I also own a prototype 4.0 MK3 board.

I also own a 4-slot NeoGeo MVS cab with about 16 game cartridges on standby. I love the KOF, SS, FF, and MS series. Awesome sprite work.

Nothing is perfect.

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