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F-zero: What happened, how it could have been avoided, and how can it be revived


F-zero.... it died before I was born, and yet I miss it SOOO much. I was really hoping a new f-zero game would be revealed at E3 this year, I even got all excited about it. But no. I'm a big fan, but it's been 15 years. Most modern nintendo fans don't even know of this franchise. So I want to know what happened, and how it can be revived. It all happened because of F-zero X. I'm not saying it was bad, because it wasn't. And it did hit over a million copies. I think because it released 8 years after the original, a lot of fans lost interest. It wasn't neccesarily a hiatus either. F-zero on the Snes was released in 1990(1991 for americans, which I am) with the launch of the Super Nintendo, and F-zero X was released a whole 8 years after, but it was only 1 console generation later, and only midway through it. Even so however, these 8 years were barren from any f-zero games. Like most Super Nintendo games, it did not get a sequel until the N64. But, there was another, well selling console that while may have lacked in power to handle it, probably could have. I'm talking about the gameboy. I'm saying they should have made an f-zero sequel on the gameboy. It may sound crazy but I do think it could have been done. The thing is, instead of mode 7 it would just be regular top-down. And there wouldn't be many vehicles or stages to use either. But a hand held f-zero so soon? It would be crazy. What I think is it would be able to store all 3 cups and difficulties, and itt would have less designed smaller sprites of racecars but they would still be there. And there would only be about 5 racers per race. It could have been done, it would just be a little less impressive. And hey, worst comes to worst, they could have made a chip for the gameboy like the one made by argonaut to make star fox. They could have used it to give the console more power so it could proccess the game better, or faster(and the game would need to be fast for obvious reasons). Heck, it could even make it so they gameboy could use mode 7 and bigger sprites. Why didn't they make these chips more often... Also, if you think the gameboy wouldn't be able to handle this, it could handle pokemon and metroid 2, so I think we're good. Anyway, eventually F-zero x came along, and it was amazing, but it had a lower polycount then most other N64 games, causing many people to lose interest. They may have not been able to avoid it... but it's possible that they could have with enough work and corners cut(corners that wouldn't effect the gameplay) the game keeps you playing after playing once, but many people weren't compelled to play it BECAUSE of the graphics, which you do get used to, and even enjoy. So then maximum velocity happened, so did ax and gx, along with gp legend and climax. The sales of GX were very dissapointing, and then Gp legend and Climax's sales were at levels that could end a franchise. But maybe that was because they were on the GBA's last year. The sales very much started to decline when GX came out, but GX's sales weren't so bad it would make them decide not to make f-zero games any longer. GP legend and climax were. But... if they had just waited another year, and put GP legend on the DS instead during it's launch, which we all know was fantastic as the DS is nintendo's best selling console ever.. then even though it was mode 7 on a console that didn't need it, it could have possibly sold really well, it could still have possibly sold horribly(though not as bad as it did on the gba), but the most likely outcome is it would be somewhere within the range of maximum velocity's sales. Maybe a lot more, maybe a lot less. And hey if it did do at least decently well, they could release climax on the system about a year after, and if GP legend's sales were still not doing to good, they could have waited a few years to release climax, whether still on the DS or even on the wii when it came out. Good move. But the fact is, none of those things happened, and F-zero is DEAD. But I don't want it to be dead, and I'm sure you don't too. Even if your not an f-zero fan, you'd be happy to see one of nintendo's dead franchises return, and many of nintendo's fans be happy. And you would do us a solid... wouldn't you? So.. what could nintendo do about f-zero? Well, many people think a GX remake would be amazing. And it would be. But it's not in that much need of a remake. All it would need would be online for it's VS mode, better textures and higher poly counts for cutscenes, and a higher res. And even those things aren't needed that much. While GX didn't sell well, many people still got a used copy for their gamecubes and Wiis, or got it on dolphin. It would be the easiest thing to make but it also doesn't need a remake that much(although I'll take what I can get at this point) but what about another amazing F-zero game that sold even less than GX did and probably could use a remaster more. GP legend. It has a way better story, too. And what would they have to do to make it better? Well first they could replace the pixel art sprites with sprites of 3D models. It would still be 2D but it would look more 3D than it did before. Then they'd make new music, as we all know of the GBAs sound dissadvantages nowadays. We could also use both couch and online multiplayer(GP legend uses local only because it's handheld and they didn't have online then). And last, but not least... add the attack mechanic from GX. It's so fun to use man... just please? If this works out then you can make a totaly new one. Or even better, make a totally new one instead of the remake. But there is one more concern. Most nintendo fans don't even know what f-zero is. Star Fox, Metroid, and Fire Emblem are less popular(though I can hardly say that about fire emblem anymore) but f-zero is forgotten, and captain falcon is "the guy from smash brothers". If they revealed it at a direct or something most fans would brush it off as some wierd third party game and get on with their life, and people would be like "nobody cares about that game" when more and more trailer get released. And to that I say... you should probably explain exactly what it is during an interview, or, even better, during nintendo treehouse at the following E3(or that E3 if it's announced then) they could explain exactly what it is. Not to mention, our own hype. Some oblivious nintendo fans may catch wind of our hype and get hyped aswell just like metroid prime 4(though there's hardly enough of us to make those levels of hype). It could catch wind of some teenagers and convince them to play the game. But, first, we gotta make nintendo know we want this. So tweet them and comment to them on youtube. Don't overdo it and have there replies filled with "make a new f-zero" and don't do more than one message to a public figure, We gotta be nice here. But we need to make this happen. Find friends and get them to help. And I made a petition on change.org. Please sign it, even if your not a fan. And get people to sign it. Us fans NEED THIS, and it is truely a great franchise that you will enjoy. http://chng.it/w9M9677D

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