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What I Want in 2012: Bioshock Infinite

I'm pretty new here so I figured what better way to start off the blogging process than by trying for one of these Bloggers Wanted Essays?

In case you bypassed the title, the game I'm most excited for this year is by far Bioshock Infinite. Why Bioshock Infinite, you may ask? What about Mass Effect 3? What about Halo 4? Well simply put there seems to be something, magical about it that doesn't appear in other games. Ever since the first reveal trailer years ago, I've been captivated by the idea of a city in the clouds and a princess stuck in a tower guarded by an evil bird... dragon thing. Don't judge me.

Many things aside from the initial concept of Bioshock Infinite appeal to me. Elizabeth (appearance aside) has an interesting story of her own. I mean, being able to rip inter dimensional tears in the universe counts for something these days right? But what kind of trauma does that bring along with it? How does someone cope with being free for the first time in years, only to be hunted by the only friend you had during that time?

Then of course there's Booker. A cross between Nathan Fillion and Nathan Drake (which obviously makes you the most handsome man on the planet, right?), you make the journey all the way up to Columbia to save Elizabeth. Why? Is he so desperate for money that he'd go to a place that people have only heard faint, horrific whispers about in years?

These are questions I know Irrational will explore. Ken Levine is a storyteller above all else and for once, I have complete faith that he will be able to bring the goods and be able to meet the hype head on. The only place I'm still unsure about is the ending, but I imagine that the guys from Irrational are the types who learn from their mistakes and won't repeat the very game-y and cliched ending that was the original Bioshock.

Now all I need for my excitement to be complete is the release date.
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