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C-Blog Resume: Caliban

In today's game blog economy, I know you have a lot of candidates and only a few positions. However, I think I can be a key asset to your stable of c-blog writers, given a series of unique qualities.

Sony Institution: Primarily studied Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Proved to be a fairly broad curriculum, educating me both on twitch-based arcade-style platformers and exploration-based ones focused on creative use of movement tools.
Nintendo University: The aforementioned was very early in my education, and circumstances lead to a shift to Nintendo. Found it to be a warmer, more fraternal experience. Undertook a variety of courses here, such as:
- Platformers: Credit rolled over from the above. Sadly, this was a period of dormancy at Nintendo for this kind of study; only really got to experience Super Mario Sunshine, and not in great depth.
- Turn-based strategy: Initially seeming like busywork, this course developed my patience, and my fondness for simple transparent systems making a game out of their harmony. Indebted to Fire Emblem 7 for the gamer I am today.
- RPGs: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, along Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door invested their discussions with a level of wit, and asked students to exercise mechanical creativity. What roles you chose for each brother, or the partners you favoured, were crucial to defining your combat experience.
- Fighters: Deviating from the traditional fighter model, Super Smash Bros Melee nevertheless conveyed the same basic ideas of testing one's skills directly against a live opponent, and stretching a limited toolset to fit many situations.
Further Unaffiliated Study: The era that followed led me to become disenfranchised with all major providers. After broad experimentation, I chose to guide myself as a student. The immense amount of cheap resources available has been invaluable in shaping me as a quality potential employee:
- Modernist platforming: There's been an explosion in what creative artists can do with the platformer, from pushing it to the edge of difficulty, to telling minimalist stories, to focusing on its capacity for exploration. Platforming is gaming in the classical style; movement is gaming's fundamental mechanic, and wonder and frustration its fundamental sensations.
- General indie gaming: Fond as I am of minimalist, honest design, I've become a big fan of indie games. Many indie studios seem focused on carrying a design philosophy from project to project, whereas AAA studios seem to prefer to specialise in one genre. Creativity and iteration are equally important, but right now only action-adventure and shooter games are getting a major amount of the latter, and neither of them truly appeal to me. [/size]

- I write as a hobby, and mechanically speaking I don't think I do a bad job. I like to use silly turns of phrase, be a little flamboyant with my vocabulary, discuss games in a fashion where words and notions dance together as equals. 
- I love analysing things, especially game design. The way the gears of a system grind away, and how the player's wrench can be aimed in that one spot that will provoke improvement, is an obsession of mine. 
- I enjoy a variety of experiences, and try to crossbreed the notions I get from them. Jane Austen, 1960s Marvel comics, modern board games; I love all of these things and this kind of general ability to be fascinated will influence my writing.
- The gaming industry's preference for acerbity has coincided with my attempt to move away from it. I think we've reached peak rant saturation, now, no matter how worthy your topic. The meek shall inherit the front page.
- I make a real effort to try and present [and treat with good faith] multiple perspectives on the ideas I canvas. Inherently arrogant of me, and certainly doomed to failure, but if irrelevant shows of goodwill are your thing I do tend to make a few of them.

What You Can Expect From Me As A C-Blogger:
- A bucking of the trending topics. Part of this is my indolence, meaning my analysis will lack the bite of something more timely, but the rest is simply that I find most of those conversations fairly boring. In here, life is magical.
- Lots of efforts to analyse things, see them from multiple angles, be as fair as I can be. Desperate attempts to convince you all I'm a real garmes jarnelyst. 
- Efforts to place video games in new contexts. I think it's fascinating to see what we can learn through the juxtaposition of elements, especially when they superficially don't have a lot in common. Too often this is used as a tool of judgment, but I think it can be an amazing tool of discovery.
- I will be writing with as much creativity as I can. Trust me, a lot of my self-esteem is bound up in this writing thing.

- Sadly, I've never really tried to engage all that much with this community. Well, I think part of improving as a writer will involve having interesting conversations with my readers. So hopefully with your help, I can get started on that!

I won't always be so chipper, nor so fond of my own one-note jokes. Some of the other demonstrated qualities will be omnipresent, however, so hopefully they're conducive to a place in the community pantheon.
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