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About CaiusRVone of us since 4:06 PM on 07.05.2020

How do you do fellow humans ? My name is Caius, handsome creator of Retro_Vision, and, like you, I am an avid gamer, lover of the beauty games can bring to us in the hard moments of life. At Retro_Vision, my content is intended to be informative and useful to others interested in knowing more about specific games or genres, or those who just wish to know how others feel about a title they just finished.

The games I like playing the most are RPGs, Sandboxes, Adventure, and Story-Telling, but I never limit myself and I play anything as long as it looks interesting.

If you wish to know more about me or about Retro_Vision, you can refer to my website (retrovision-reviews.com), which has plenty of content similar to what you see from me here at Destructoid, as well as all the info that may come in handy !

As every NPC in a game I very much enjoyed 9 years ago would say: "It's a fine day with you around !"