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Moonpath to Elsweyr: My (probably) last Skyrim blog


We're back!

Sometime ago, I wrote about my Skyrim exploits. I am now done with the game, and since it was pretty fun the first time, I figured I'd have another crack at it. My save file tells me I devoted 178 hours of my life to Bethesda's wonderful world. In that time, I've become arch-everything, saved the world, slayed countless dragons, befriended some, destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, slayed dragons, fell in love with Karliah, finally convinced Lydia to ditch the ebony armor at home, slayed dragons, ended the civil war, met the one and only Dwarvenborn, explored nearly every nook and cranny in Skyrim and beyond, and more. Don't worry, there are no spoilers in the blog besides the obvious (spoiler alert: Ulfric dies if you side with the Empire!)

Much better!

Did I mention I slayed dragons? So. Many. Dragons. They were cool at first, but after a while it's just an annoyance. It would be much better if at the end of the main quest there was a way to stop the dragons from spawning.

This stopped being cool 37 dragons ago.

At least I made a friend. Hey buddy, thanks for coming!

The civil war quest line was pretty cool, despite the silly "large scale" battles, and finally having Ulfric's head was very satisfying. To think I actually considered joining that arrogant douche in the beginning. No wonder the Thalmor describe him as an "asset". Being the kind elf I am, I even granted him his final wish and delivered the death blow myself.

Much obliged!

The destruction of the Dark Brotherhood was somewhat disappointing. I was hoping to do it as part of a quest line, but alas, it turned out I sacrificed all those people for nothing (though most had it coming, so my conscience isn't too heavy). I never liked the Brotherhood and their evil ways, so when I heard it was possible to destroy them, I decided to infiltrate them, gain their trust and strike from inside. I kept expecting to come across the quest to destroy them, but never did. When I neared the end of the questline, I refused the final contract and found out that the only chance to officially destroy them is to attack Astrid in the shed during our recruitment (so if that's what you want to do, be warned: it's your only chance). Bummer, but not worry, if I couldn't do it quietly I would just barge in and start firing... or I would if they weren't bloody essential! Luckily, I found a console command to make them non-essential, so I finally got rid of them all. Even Babette, though I must confess I was rather fond of her. In any case, the once-mighty Brotherhood is no more. You're welcome, Tamriel!

Of all the guilds, I felt the thieves guild had the most satisfying questline, particularly at the end, though they all fell short of Oblivion's guild quests. Or maybe that's just nostalgia speaking, since it's been over 3 years since I last played Oblivion. And it's really too bad Karliah can't be a companion. What is it about those purple, pleading eyes?! Plus, she sounds so sexy (at least in the French version. And no, not everything sounds sexy in French)!

Will you marry me? No? Can we at least kill a few trolls together? Okay then :(

Finally, before telling of my adventures beyond Skyrim, I mustn't neglect to mention the Dwarvenborn, the best NPC ever, courtesy of the Interesting NPCs mod. Even his voice acting is great, at least to me, though I'm not sure how it will sound to native ears. If anyone is still playing and hasn't tried this mod, I highly recommend it.

Knowing he constantly watches over Skyrim makes me sleep better at night.

Last but not least, we come to the titular part of the blog, the Moonpath to Elsweyr. It is an amazing mod that takes us to the Khajiit homeland, where I spent my last hours in the game. It is gorgeous, fully voice,and extremely well done. So much so it almost feels like an official DLC.

Soon after arriving in the beautiful Elsweyr jungle, we're quickly embroiled in a guerrilla war against the Thalmor, which I heartly joined. After all, the only good Thalmor is a dead Thalmor. My only criticism of this mod is that it ends too abruptly, to the point where I had no idea it was over until I talked to everyone and didn't get any quests. I'm still not sure I'm done, but I think I searched everywhere. Despite this little problem, this wonderful mod redefined my expectation of what mods are capable of, and shouldn't be missed.

I hope it was an enjoyable read, and please tell a little of your own adventures in the comments! I now leave you with some screens of Elsweyr.

Welcome to Elsweyr.

Big cat.

Howdy, boss!

You're one ugly motherfucker.
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