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Finished New Super Mario Bros U again after 7+ years, this time on Switch. It didn't get much love back then due to the double punch of 2D Mario fatigue (Nintendo released 4 in 5 years) and the Wii U failure, but I think it's great and gorgeous.


500 deaths in Stupid Ori and the Stupid Forest. I'm probably close to the end, trying to escape the "fire temple" after freeing the fire element. Worst part is, when you die in this sequence, you have to do the whole damn thing again.


Damn, I didn't know Ori and the Bljnd Forest was this hard. I've died 229 times as of this writing and thought about rage quitting more than once. In fact, I'm considering it right now.


I went shopping for an SD card, came across Nioh and Evil Within 2 for BRL 60 each ($14) and nabbed them. This is my entire PS4 physical collection, a fraction of my total collection. Made me wonder if this is one of the last times I buy a physical game.


Hey, the Netflix Dragon Quest movie is any good! Well, besides the... (Spoilers)


Holy shit, I think I've just created my first Destructoid meme. I'm so proud.


Apparently Netflix has a Dragon Quest movie. Is it any good?


Too early to say if Ori and the Blind Forest is good, but it sure is cute.


Now the Remake is properly finished with both characters. It was a wonderful feeling to play two fairly different RE games back to back and be thoroughly impressed once again.


Welp, in RE2 they added plant zombies that one hit kill you unless you use a subweapon, can't be permanently killed except with fire, and Claire only has a few flame rounds. Somebody at Capcom took the "kill it with fire" meme way too seriously.


Not sure how I feel about the new map in Resident Evil 2. I can't say I hate the convenience, but it's too convenient. It tells you everything, to the point of cheapening the tension and making exploration unnecessary.


I didn't know they added a huge invencible guy to chase you around RE2. It's a bit annoying but also cool.


So zombies keep getting back to unlife 2-3 times in RE2 remake? This is new. I've been wasting a lot of ammo thinking headshots were the way to kill them for good.


Finished Resident Evil 7. It was amazing! It felt like RE1 all over again without simply copying RE1. Not that I didn't have issues with it. The hide and seek sequences sometimes annoyed more than scared. The first two thirds of the game are the...


It seems Dan Houser is about to leave Rockstar. All their biggest games were shaped by the Housers, so it will be interesting to see how they might change going forward.


If the Iowa democratic clusterfuck is any indication, it won't just be hard to vote Trump out, it will take a bloody miracle.


Going through Luca's testing area in RE7. Saw the box on floor, it's obviously going to explode and I'm smart, so I shot it from a safe distance. It didn't explode. Second box, I knifed it as usual to save bullets. It exploded. Well played, psycho.


It's odd that RE7 makes you manually use the key in your inventory to open doors and doesn't automatically discards keys that are no longer needed. Even the very first RE1 automated that.


How was your gaming in January? What's your GOTM? I finished Red Dead 2, Black Mesa and Marvel's Spider Man. Only very good stuff. My GOTM was RD2. Maybe it wasn't the most fun or even the best per se, but it definitely made the most impact.


I smiled when I saw the broken shotgun puzzle in Resident Evil 7.


Maybe playing RE7 with a gamepad just because Resident Evil=gamepad wasn't the best idea. I just got to the first real combat area against that things that only die to headshots, and I'm missing way too much and wasting way to many bullets.


Holy shit, Resident Evil 7 is making me tense up. I haven't felt that in a Resident Evil game since... I don't even remember. Well done,Capcom.


Marvel's Spider Man is a pretty good time. The game is telling me it's my last chance to upgrade before the end, so I'm close. How strongly would you recommend the DLC?


I played football today (the real one) for the first time in probably decades. It was fun! I think I still somewhat got it as a goalkeeper. Got a bit carried away though, now the bruises are stinging.


At last I've done my gamer duty and played Half-Life 1, or rather Black Mesa. I doubt it will be my GOTY of even my GOTM, but back in 1998, when FPSs were still Doom clones, it's obvious how it became such a legend. Wish I'd played it back then.


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