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TF2 Class Guide - 9 of 10


Ha! Bet you thought I was gonna do the heavy next, but I'm saving that for last. This guide is for general non-class specific tips and tricks that apply to everyone. It seems like every time I play either on the Dtoid server or others, someone is making these mistakes, some are easy to make, but many of them can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Spies carry a limited supply of cardboard Weapons

Spies will only ever carry the default weapon for that class, if you ever see someone carrying their melee or secondary weapon, you need not spy check them, because theres no way they can be a spy.

Why can't I clip through him?

If someone doesn't clip through you, they are a spy. If someone avoids trying to clip through you, odds are they are a spy. Go out of your way to clip through people as a way of spy checking without wasting ammo.

Medics are not like keying in 'iddqd'

Aside from the uber, medics do not make you invincible, even a dedicated medic healing you at all times does not make you superman. Continue playing like your normally do and don't go charging headlong at 4 people because you think that medic makes you invincible.

Its 10pm, do you know how much health your medic has?

Keep tabs on that little bar that shows the health of your healer, if it gets below half, fall back to the nearest health point and let them refill their health. A good medic will just abandon you if shit hits the fan, but do yourself a favor and fall back too.

Long Spawns are Long

Speaking of falling back, its better to retreat when your health gets low if possible than get killed if the spawns are long. Especially on maps like GrandCanyon where the timers are like 30 seconds or longer.

Bunny Hop - Something controllers will never do

If you are using a 360 controller with a PC, do yourself a favor. Place your hand open palmed on a flat surface, then grab the nearest sharp object and begin stabbing. Repeat until you have no desire to use a controller and will only use a mouse+keyboard. If you have the 360 version, glance at your PC, if it can not run source, go upgrade it you cheap bastard.

What does this have to do with bunny hopping? Its something you can never and will never do using a gamepad. You can still do it in TF2, its not as much of a benefit as it was in TFC, but its still good for dodging and gaining a little boost in speed.

The Protip

Shoot the doctor, this mother fucker right here, shoot him first

Stand on the god damn point!

For the love of god people, when a point is being captured and you are near by, get on it, I don't care if you are a scout and they are a heavy with a medic, maybe your sacrifice will give someone heavier a chance to get to the point and push them off. This also goes back the other way, if you are attacking a point, don't get off of it, stay on it and don't run off.

Touch the flag!

Even if its got a bunch of demo pipes on it, at least get a touch in to reset the timer. Because of the way the spawn timers work if you die carrying the flag, you will only get one change at it again

For the love of god, buy a mic

Mics are beautiful things, they let me ban you for having a voice that sounds underage, for playing great music, and trash talking. Oh and on occasion they can help facilitate better team play, but thats only a side bonus.

Follow these simple steps and hopefully I won't be wanting to facepalm the next time I'm in server and see a scout shooting at someone capping a point with a pistol. One more to go, all thats left is the heavy, which I plan on making a few short videos for.

Check out the other class guides at the links below

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