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TF2 Class Guide - 5 of 10

Here we are at the half way point of the guide and Id like to take a moment to look at the class that every solid team is based around, the medic. In order to do anything in a large TF2 game, you need to have a medic. Any of the other classes you can do without, but if you don't have at least one medic you are not going to win.

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Overview: Medics are the cornerstone of any good team, on both offense and defense on CTF maps, and doubly so on control point maps. Without a medic in any game size larger than 5 you wont be going anywhere.

You are no longer a heavy scout :(

You no longer have concs or grenades and bunny hopping doesn't help much. You also can't infect people anymore so stop trying to play the TF2 medic like the TFC medic, they are as different as night and day. You actually have to heal people now, and should not attempt to make the captures :(

No one will complain about shielding

Get behind whoever you are healing, no one is going to complain about you using them as a shield, especially if you have your med-gun trained on them at all times. Feel free to let them soak up all the damage for you.

Needles? In MY gun? Its more likely than you think

You do have a gun, and it actually doesn't suck, it just takes a good deal of skill to use. The needles are slow and drop off very quickly meaning that you have to arc and lead your shots, but if you hit, its like every needle is dripping with AIDs or some other deadly disease because it drops people fairly quickly.


Its the best melee, use it when needed.

Your team is not composed entirely of soldiers and heavies

You have other people on your team, and they just might need healing as well!
Healing Priority: Medics(others), Heavies, Soldiers, Pyros, Demos, Scouts, Spies, Sniper / Engineer

In particular, partner with pyros more often, it can take a little more work on the part of the pyro not to die, but the combo can be more effective than a heavy combo.

Health buffs last quite a while

Buff everyone around you, not just the one person you are keeping healed, if you buff to 150%, that extra 50% will last quite a long time, and while you won't be directly following them it will help them when they start fighting.

Only fools rush in

If you see your med-gun target rushing into an area or a situation you know that will get them and you killed without accomplishing anything, simply turn around and leave the idiot to die himself, if they complain just find another person on the team to follow around.

Ubers are all about timing

Its risky, but the best time to burn the uber is right when you or the person you are healing is about to die or you are about to die. Good uber timing means being able to catch a group of enemies off guard or being able to time attacking a sentry gun. Ubers best used clearing cap points, difficult sentries, or countering other ubers.

See that player with the high score, stick to them like glue

You know that guy with the top score on your team, find them, glue down the mouse trigger and don't let go. Take a player who is already very good at killing things and give them staying power by continually healing them and you have a near unstoppable monster.

The 5 Ds - Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

While both healing someone and retreating, weave wildly, bunny hop, and mash on the strafe buttons like a lunatic. The med-gun allows for a lot of leeway once its locked on, you can even do a complete 180 away from the target without losing lock and at times you can go through walls.

A good medic is one that buffs everyone on their team, but stays glued to the best available player, knows when to fall back, and how to not get killed. Stay alive at all costs for your team, they need you alive instead of that rushing newb to win the day.

Please check out the other parts of the TF2 class guide and comment as well!

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