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TF2 Class Guide - 4 of 10

The class I've spent the least amount of time on so far is the subject of this class guide and that is the sniper. Nothing is more aggravating than having a sniper on your team that doesn't know what they are doing while they could be doing something more helpful as another class. On the flip side, a good sniper on the other team can stop an offense in its tracks as they are the only class able to kill all others in one shot.

Overview: A good sniper can make or break a team, but the problem is that everyone wants to play them. No team should ever have more than 1 or 2 snipers, if there are two they both better be very good at what they are doing to justify not having an extra medic or assault class.

New sniper setup Sucks

If you played any of the old TF games sniping was slightly different, you could charge your shot at any time, and zoom in/out at will. Now there is no way to zoom out and charge a sniper shot. In addition, the rifle will automatically zoom back in after each shot. While you no longer need to hold down fire to charge, it can be an annoyance if you are attacked. Try downloading and using this script, which disables the auto-zoom feature but forces you to hold down the button.

Check your six

After every few kills someone is going to try to hunt you down, keep a look out for spies. Sometimes there is no way to avoid it, but you can always check around once in a while and you just might avoid being back-stabbed.

Move about often

Due to that lovely feature in TF2 of having the camera zoom in on your killer, every person you kill is going to know exactly where you are hiding, change your spot up frequently to prevent other snipers and enemies from getting a drop on you.

Hide in plain sight

Sometimes the best cover you can get is from just being around other friendlies, advance at the back of the pack and you are more likely to get cover from others around you.


Aim for the head...fatties have a huge one for a reason.

You don't have a hair trigger, save that shot!

Wait for the right moment, don't squeeze off that round every time you point your gun in the general direction of the enemy.

No scope, CS style!

If you remember the old deagle/awp quickswitch trick that enabled you to make perfect no scopes you should love the TF2 sniper, as long as your feet are on the ground, you can fire, zoomed in or not. However, you have no reticule, blinding you somewhat to exactly where you are shooting. To fix this pull an old CS trick, take a piece of scotch tape and fold one end on itself. Then put this piece on your monitor, where the crosshair is, take a felt marker and put a small dot. This is now your crosshair, and because you folded an end in on itself you can easily remove the tape, happy no scoping.

Run the fuck away

Your lack of health and a weapon that will do any damage at short range should force you to run away from other classes. If you stand and fight you are going to get gibbed.

Play sniper like an awping bastard in CS, aim for the head and try not to miss. However, if you suck at this class, just don't play it, you'd help your team much more playing something else. If you want practice go to a 24/7 2fort server, they are usually full of snipers.

Please Check out and comment on the other class guides :)

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