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TF2 Class Guide 1 of 10

Now, I'm well aware that this has already been done before, but since I need something to do during my boring lectures I figured I'd do a little more in depth guide that focuses on each class individually and a general tricks one to cap it all off. So, we'll start with everyone's favorite annoyer and harasser, the scout.


The scout is the fastest class in TF2 and comes with the what is possibly the most useful side ability, double jump. Being a good scout requires a lot of situational awareness, a quick trigger finger, and a spacebar that won't break.

The floor is hot lava, don't touch it!

You should always be jumping, the only time your feet should hit the ground is the split second needed to pull off another jump. This makes you a much much harder target to hit, especially with some of the weapons like rockets or pipes that usually rely on aiming at the feet to do splash damage.

Just because your fast doesn't mean you can run straight at the heavy

You should never be frontally assaulting any other class (except for the medic, engineer, or sniper), come from behind and hit them point blank with the sawed off shotgun, speaking of which...

The pistol does damage too! Its true!

When you run out of scatter shot, either retreat to reload or use the quick switch (default Q) to bring out your pistol and finish them off, don't to dance around reloading one shell at a time thinking the next one will kill them, odds are that soldier or demo is going to land a shot eventually.

Faster than a speeding sentry

At moderate to long distances you can out track/run a sentry, and by that I mean run faster around it in a circle than it can track you, especially a level 1 or 2. As long as you aren't at close range or running directly at it, you are fine.

You also can...KILL SENTRIES

As long as the engineer isn't behind the gun making sweet love to it with a wrench, you can quickly dart around a corner, get off a shot with the shotgun and dart back before the gun gets a round off.

Cap the point behind them!

Many a round of dustbowl and granary have been ruined by the scout that gets behind the defenses, if you know your team is going to advance, get to the next point before defenders can set up defenses. In addition, you can kill teleporter entrances at spawn and put a big dent in the defenders on maps like dustbowl.

Medics don't like 12 gauge buckshot

Lastly, the other major task of a scout is a harasser, especially to enemy medics and snipers. Use your speed and pseudo bunny hopping to get behind the enemy team and make life a living hell for their doctors, if they aren't getting ubers they are going to have trouble advancing.

Just remember, when playing a scout, play like a paranoid twitchy crack addict and everything will be just fine. See you all in the server.
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