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Bang for your Buck.

I've had this idea for a few months now, and its reviewing games, by giving them a score out
of their retail price. We're in a recession, people can't buy as many games, so clearly, we
need to have some idea of where to spend our hard earned cash in terms of games.

For example, a game such as Call of Duty 4, which retailed for 60$ initially, would probably
score at 60$, because it is worth every penny thanks to the variety of fun missions in the
single player, along with the insanely good multiplayer that kept me playing for 8 months.
However, a game such as Ninja Gaiden 2, for example, would score around th 45$ mark,
because despite its fun gameplay, its bloody hard, and lasts about as long as your patience.
Gamers can prioritize their purchases, based on their tastes and their income.

The main issue is the biased nature of any review. Some people don't like Rpg's, others
hate Shooters, but most people can see that "Oh, this game would be fun if I liked the
genre, and I can tell it's really deep, or it's really long and involving." Those are some of the
qualities that can make a game really worth the money.

I'm going to refine this idea, and perhaps post a review of the indie game "Cortex Command"
using this untested (to my knowledge) method.

At least I can't rate it a 7.
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