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Good times keep rolling, dance to escape now

Hey boy, Hey girl, Superstar DJs, Here we go! Two weeks ago, I attended the Rhythm Heaven promo event at the Scratch DJ Academy in Manhattan. For some reasons I still don't quite understand, a press packet, drink tickets for the bar and...


No Hero, that Glenn Beck.

I have no intention of using this blog as some sort of political soap box, but this rant full of flawed logic and video game blasphemy shall not go unnoticed. Granted, I was done with Guitar Hero once they made a deal with the devil and got...


Zelda: A Link to...Auto Zone

I'm currently stuck on hold with the doctor's office and would much rather be stuck in traffic in this pixeled-out ride: The car is currently for sale by Kathy on the GameSnipped.com. I'd love to try and drive this thing on Broadway i...



Currently Reading: For the City Yet to Come by AbdouMaliq Simone Currently (Re)Playing: Parasite Eve (PSX) Currently Listening to: Tim Hecker, An Imaginary Country (2009) Midterms suck! But they are as passe as the horrible Street Fighter ...


About CactarCrushone of us since 11:08 PM on 02.23.2009

I am currently playing:
-A game called graduate school that takes up my entire life.
-My other shirt is a dress!

However, once the time and money comes, I'd like to play:
-Killzone 2
-The new Star Ocean
-FFXIII:Versus (preferably before I graduate)

Old games I'd like to revisit:
-SimCity (SNES version)
-Aladdin (Genesis)
-Streets of Rage (Genesis)
-Chrono Trigger (my cartridge is still alive and kicking!)