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Borderlands 2: Kinda like an MMO

So Borderlands 2 happened. My brother bought the game, and (despite the fact that we were separately playing our own single-player games) he called dibs on Axton and all his turret-y goodness. I was stuck with the Siren, who I didn't know ...


About CRingerPrimeone of us since 7:05 PM on 10.01.2012

My name's Phil. I game, but don't have much money so when I pick something up it's either an older game or a new one I care a lot about (Assassin's Creed and Mortal Kombat, for example).

I'm part of a lot of communities online, and this is just another place for me to go and share my opinion and feelings about various stuff. I love gaming and have been a gamer my entire life. Like, I literally don't remember my first game. Probably a Mario or King's Quest-type game. I mainly like RPG games like KoToR and Mass Effect (if you can tell by the N7 pic), but most game genres have some good shit in my opinion.

I like to write, and will probably write a lot of blogs throughout my time on Dtoid. Expect to see me making a douchy comment on the latest articles on the site. If opinions are like assholes, I have diarrhea... or maybe a lot of assholes...? I don't know how that works. EITHER WAY, I have a lot to say.

I love watching movies and TV shows, and music's the most constant thing I absorb. I'm not going to spend hours and hours writing down everything I like, so let's make it easy:

Games: Anything where I'm not racing cars, warring gears or fighting streets will probably be my thing.

Movies: I'm a big fan of comic book movies and anything with Ryan Reynold or Edward Norton in it.

Shows: Favorites are all Whedon shows and Dexter, and Walking Dead's way up there.

Music: Rock, but many tell me that much of what I like counts as 'alternative metal' instead. Breaking Benjamin, Seether and whatnot.

Also, a note on my banner: all pics were taken from guide2games.com, a site I never used before but found the pics on.