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Star Wars Gaming Bonanza (SCIV And The Force Unleashed)

So alright people this is old news in IST(Internet Standard Time) but worth of me posting something in spite of it.

So heres a little story first I'm browsing my favoritest imageboard and some fag copypasta'd some url of 1up and says "just spreading th good news" or something like that. I patse it in a new tab and check it out... AND WHEN I SAW IT I SHAT BRICKS. Right there on a fairly well respected gamer news site is a pic of Yoda throwin' down w/ Tira(who was my favorite char. in SCIII)...

This might not be conducive to the Soul Edge story in any way but it's still EPIC news in my world. I've literally dreamed about a well made Star Wars fighter since forever. Now I know this isn't that, but still Darth Vader and Yoda in a Namco fighter will definitely please my gamer tooth

Now on to other dreams of mine: for some reason I've always wanted to see a Tarantino(sp?) violent style Star Wars. Let's just say "The Force Unleashed" stuff coming about lately has peaked my interest. i think the game has a LOT of potential. Now I realize that the game will have a < M rating. Therefore, no: foul language > damn, uber Silent Hill-like gore, Lea boobs. And I'm fine w/ that as long as the kind of violence is there that makes you yell obscenities at a boss and forces(no pun intended) out a "That was awwwwsoooome!!!!11one". From what I've seen I not dissapointed
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