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Fable 2 hopefully improved from the original

HEY there friends.
Fable and the lost chapters expansion thingy were one of the reasons I got myself a Xbox. Let's just say I was VERY happy i got the Haloz And Half-Life 2. Now I'm not saying it was a bad game it was really not as good as I'd heard from all my friends (I'm now convinced that the greater # of my friends don't know jack about video games... but I shouldn't have listened to the opinions of people who listen to Led Zeppelin). There were already a ton of games out with similar fighting mechanics. I liked some of it's features though such as being able to spend your experience on the abilities I wanted and that trademark morality system. Some of the spells were visually pants-crapping. The game was just to easy and there wasn't any difficulty setting. When I say a game is to easy it really is... I've had instances where Guitar Hero on medium makes me say the things my mommy always told him not to. I guess what I'm trying to get at is Fable was like dating that girl who gets kinda hot after she dumps your ass...
And that hotness is (at least I hope) to be found in Fable 2. I recently saw the teaser on the official site and if stays with that graphically it will have great potential. Guns? yes guns are supposed to be in the game as a replacement for longbows but don't start salivating at the thought of your hero carrying a tommygun around... The game only takes place 500 years after the original and will only have single shot Pirate-esque guns. All is well because in the teaser theres a three-cornered hat if thats not unlockable content I will not be buying the game. Your character is said to be costimizable (you can even to be a girl0. The game is also(, cocks) an open world experience as all RPGs should. I've yet to hear if there will be an MMO feature but that would be ORGASMITASTIC. Yet as we all know developers lie and if these are I will personally rip Peter Molyneux a new one

Hugs and Drugs,

Ok so I would never hurt Peter Molyneux ther's not enough good game designers as it is
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