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Velvet Assassin - Worst video game ending in recent years. SPOILERS INSIDE.


I enjoyed Velvet Assassin as a whole. Sure, the gameplay wasn't innovative, and World War 2 games are a dime a dozen, but there was something about Velvet Assassin that set it apart from the shovelware of last year. For me, I think it was the fact that it loosely followed the story of a real british secret agent during WW2. Above that even, it was just plain fun. Before I played the game, I figured I would brush up on my history, and learn a little bit about the main character.

In short, Violette Szabo's husband was killed in the war after she had his kid. He never saw his daughter, sadly. Violette joined up with the British secret service shortly after. She completed 2 successful missions during World War 2, before she was captured, put into concentration camps, tortured, then ultimately killed. I figured I knew the "meat and potatoes of the story" - or the ending at least. That was Okay though, as it did not spoil any of the game, because the game is extremely loosely based on truths. Okay, not truths, but a real person.

Here come the spoilers.

At the end of the game you are stuck defending burning church from waves of Nazi's, while trying to free the people inside of the church. After a few waves of Nazi's the final cutscene kicks in, Violette can't open the locked church door, and everybody inside dies. Violette mutters some incoherent babble, then collapses onto a concrete pad with flames surrounding her - seemingly uninjured, but possibly dead. Mind you she was never in harms way of fire to begin with.

The camera pans down to a car of German's watching the church go up in flames off in the distance. One of the German's turns toward the camera, and has burn scars all over his face. The man is (I'm making a wild guess here) one of the SS leaders you "Killed" earlier on in the game by blowing up his room. There's only one small problem... You really don't know if it's the SS leader, because you never see his face. If you try to walk into his bedroom, during the mission when you kill him, Violette will not enter, but you can watch him sleeping if you look through his keyhole. That's the only time you see his face, and it's in complete darkness.

The scene then cuts to Violette running through a forest of trees, with the fire on-screen effect back, it almost looks like it's a dream sequence, it's going in slow motion. That's pretty much the ending to Velvet Assassin, so here's my question to you SouthPeak Interactive, "What the fuck just happened?" I'm now so confused by this ending, I was doubting that the game was actually over. This ending was so bad, that the game crashing post boss-fight would have left a sweeter taste in my mouth than this did.

What do you think fellow DTOID'ers? Anyone else play through Velvet assassin and think it was the worst ending ever?
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